The Drama of Life – Living in Character

The Drama of Life – Living in Character

“All the world’s a stage,

 And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His act being seven ages.”

William Shakespeare



If the world is a stage, and the sun, the moon and the stars are the lights, then we are all actors on the world stage.   How well we act depends on how well we have learnt our lines, know our roles and play our parts.  Our job is not to fix other actors and their scripts, or to change the set, character or costume, our job is to do our best at acting out our own role!

Every actor has a purpose in the drama, theatre, play or movie, otherwise they would not be there.  This is the first thing to understand in the drama of life; that no one’s part is wasted and every player is important and unique.  Each has their role and so I need not question why they are there.  They are there for a reason.  I may not understand it now, but I can trust that there is a reason.

There is a difference between a role and a part.  One’s role may be of a majestic king, yet their part in the movie may be of a villain.  Another’s role may be of a mother, but their part is to be the spy in the movie.  Perhaps someone else’s role may be of a beggar, but their part is to help two parties collaborate.

What has happened over time is that we have lost ourselves in playing our parts.  Where we should be more conscious of our roles, we have simply forgotten that it is a role and that we are just playing those parts.  The role was not meant to be the part, but now there is a dichotomy, and that is why we cannot trust the characters anymore.  Doctors were meant to heal.  Judges were meant to be righteous.  Policemen were supposed to protect us.  But everything seems to have gone awry somehow.  There have been many twists in the plot of life, and we have lost trust in our fellow actors.  So what do we do?  We begin to adopt different positions within our roles in order to adjust to the uncertainty within the roles of the other actors.

If I want to be a hero actor then I have to ensure that I learn my lines well.  I need to pay attention to timing and take care that I am on time to act, and that I help to bring out the best of what the Director desires to see.  In this context the Director would be God.  He only wants us to emerge the best within us.  God only wants the purest and most divine performance from us.  If I begin to change the words in the script or I forget them, then of course the scene doesn’t play out the way it was meant to.  This will inevitably throw the other characters off balance in how they are to play their parts too!  Yes, there will be confusion and chaos on the stage, and perhaps we would call such a play a tragedy for obvious reasons!!

And isn’t this the case with our world?  God had a really great script written for each one of us as He/She sent us down to act out our part.  But what happened to God’s script?  We stopped listening to the Director.  We all started changing the lines and adding our own bits, inserting our own material, creating edits here and there, so we see that the world of parts has gone awry.  Now we want to set it right and are looking for the correct lines, but with all the chaos on Stage, no one is listening to anyone and we have completely lost the plot!

We have forgotten that we, THE SOULS, are the actors on the Stage of Life.  The soul is the actor, not the body. It is the soul within the body that takes on a particular nationality, culture and religion.  These relate to the body.  The name given to the body is just a part, but the soul is not limited by the labels of the body.  The real ‘I’ the self, has played several roles before, so let me not get stuck or attached to only this role.  The body is like a costume, today it’s like this, full grown and mature and then tomorrow the soul will go into a small costume of a baby and once again begin to play a new part.  The soul will be with a different family with a different backdrop, and the drama will continue.

It is the same with an actor playing various parts through various movies.  He plays a part and moves on.  If he/she was adamant that he/she is that character in real life, then that would be shear foolishness, if not being downright crazy thinking!  He has to move on from that movie, so that he/she can then get into the next role and give his best in that role.

So, just as there are actors on stage, there are also the actors waiting behind the curtain.  Some are simply waiting to come onto the stage, whilst others are still putting their make up on or waiting for their cue.  The actors are waiting to come and give their performance.  The same is true for souls.

What explains the population expansion?  Have you ever given it a thought?  The world population is not fixed or static, the world population is always increasing.  In fact, the current trend according to the Worldometer shows that deaths are lagging behind births!  The Worldometer is a world population counter that monitors the current statistics of births to deaths.  This shows that there are still souls who are coming down from the home of souls to play their parts whilst old actors are getting new parts.  Once everyone is on the world stage, watch out for the grand finale!

Finally and most important of all, every drama or movie is at the end of the day entertainment.  We just need to sit back and enjoy it all. Don’t fret or stress over it. You ‘paid’ for it, so enjoy it!

It’s Time…  to learn how to play our parts well on the world drama stage of life… remember, everyone is watching!


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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