• Akrasia

    Many a time we know we should be engaging in certain behaviors, but instead we actively or passively choose not to, and thus we act or become lazy. The Greeks have a name for this: Akrasia. It means ‘lacking command’ or ‘weakness of the will’. Akrasia is described as a lack of self-control, or the state of acting against one’s better judgement.

  • विघ्न या सुअवसर? (Obstacles or Opportunities?)

    As I create positive thoughts, remain still and silent inside, then I am able to see the whole dimension of the situation and not just the isolated components. I can truly see that there is some benefit in what is unfolding in front of me. The obstacle is perhaps protecting me, guiding me, showing me something new, giving me something better. But I need to have presence of mind to appreciate this new scene. This is a great step forward in self-mastery.

  • गुम? (Lost? in Hindi)

    Once I have found my inner treasures, then I no longer need to keep stumbling around looking for them. The search is over. There is a deep feeling of contentment, happiness. No more yearning or desires. No more restlessness. No emptiness, or loneliness. Absolute peace.

  • ईच्छा मुक्त (Want Nothing in Hindi)

    When I realise that I am the master of my drama and my life, than I need not want. I can trust and feel that everything comes to me at the right time. I do not need to feel insecure or fearful. I am completely aware and in awe of how the universe is tuned in to what I need. And the more I practice this mindset, the easier it becomes to achieve.

  • To Waste… is Waste

    Understanding Karma
    Karma teaches us that what we do, we are responsible for. Everything we waste comes under our account. If we waste anything, then we will not have it at the time of need. If you are wondering why you don’t have the time, money or resources to do what you want, then take a double check – what have you wasted in the past that you are now reaping a reward of?

  • Create a Structure… and have Peace of Mind

    It also serves us well to create systems and structures for our own selves. Without discipline and order in our lives we may lose track, lose our purpose, and lose our time. If we know, for example, that we need to fit in some exercise, meditation, cooking and errands into the day, then we can plan, stay focused and manage better. We become more efficient. Life feels good.

  • अपना बेहतरीन दें (Be Your Best in Hindi)

    What does being our best mean? It means to choose to radiate our highest qualities, to be the best we can in any given moment by showing kindness, compassion, love, peace etc. It means to say nothing and remain silent, if we feel that good words cannot come out! Or, to pay attention to not giving sorrow, and give happiness instead.

  • सेल्फ़ी या स्वार्थ? (Selfie or Selfish? in Hindi)

    People will even risk their lives to take selfies. More people died in 2015 from taking dangerous selfies, than from shark attacks. The Russian government, concerned about the increasing number of incidents where daring selfies had led to injuries and deaths, released a “Selfie Safety Guide” to warn enthusiasts about common dangerous behaviors. But as yet there have been no warnings about the harm we can do to our immortal self!

  • सेहत अपनी मुट्ठी में (Your Health in Your Hands in Hindi)

    The reason why diseases are on the rise is that we have forgotten to listen to our own bodies. Our body speaks to us all the time, and yet we ignore its many calls because we are caught up in chatting or browsing or other mindless distractions. The body can tell us if it is rejecting a certain food: oil, dairy or sugar, for example. We feel it, we sense it, and we kind of know it! Yet we still insist on indulging in all those unhealthy foods. The body screams for water and we continue to fill it with caffeine. It wants to sleep and instead we insert another DVD and sink into the couch. Yes, the body does have extreme tolerance power, but don’t push your luck!

  • Clear Your Mind and Hear Your Conscience

    We are most happy when we have a clear head and a clean heart. If we are caught up in a web of malicious and destructive negative thoughts and feelings, we are at our least happy. Hence it would be good for us to keep checking the barometer of our conscience – is it clear and clean, or could it use a little wash out?