• Your Health is in Your Hands

    Hone your intuition. If you feel like eating something healthy rather than what’s currently on your plate, then follow your intuition. Cook it for yourself if you have to. Don’t be lazy! Walk the extra mile for your favorite choice of healthy food, rather than jumping to the next burger! As you eat more healthily, your taste buds will begin to know the difference and not settle for less.

  • Selfie or Selfish?

    As it increasingly becomes all about ‘me’, we have forgotten about ‘we’! How many of us stop to think about the next one after us? When we use cinemas or cafeterias, do we clean up for the next person after us, or reset the chairs for them? Do we take two spaces to park our one car, or think of others and park a little more considerately? Do we put our shopping trolleys back in the right place, so as to not inconvenience other drivers? Do we return things back to where we found them, such as sellotape and scissors, or create agony in others as they spend hours searching for the very thing? We act selfishly most of the time, as though the world only rotates around ‘me’!

  • Be Your Best

    We are being the best we can for ourselves not for others! Yes, everyone can benefit from my positivity and energy, but at the end of the day, we are the ones who live with ourselves 24/7, and if we give of our best and be our best, then we will be satisfied with ourselves, we will be successful, and self-respect flows.

  • सामान्य समझ (कॉमन सैन्स) कितनी सामान्य है? – How Common is Common Sense (In Hindi)

    The reason that we don’t have access to our own common sense is because we are so preoccupied with people and events – who said what to whom, what happened and why, thoughts of doubt and confusion, regrets of the past and worries about the future – that we forget to live in the present moment. We are always somewhere else with our mind.

  • खुशी शक्ति है – Happiness is Power (In Hindi)

    Many things will come into our lives to take away our peace and happiness. The weather and the traffic are obvious ones, but also nosey relatives, the ever-demanding boss, the diving stock market etc. Do we have to give our peace away to these things? Surely not! As we become irritated, frustrated or angry, that means we have bought into the illusion. The illusion that this is the only way to react! As others shake and collapse, it does not mean we have to follow suit.

  • अलविदा 2015 (Bye Bye 2015)

    The only way we can change the ‘past’ (or what is to become the past!) is to change the present, and so the future. We can choose what we want to remember and learn from, and we can also choose what we do not want to give any more power to: that is, what we would rather leave behind. So take charge of your life. Make things happen, as opposed to only reacting to things when they happen.

  • सरलता – Easiness (In Hindi)

    Whether something is easy or difficult is purely subjective. What may be easy for one person, may be difficult for another. What does that tell us? That the thing itself is not easy or difficult, but it is often I, with my thinking, that makes it more difficult than it needs to be. So if we want to make something easy, it’s purely in our hands to do so.

  • पथप्रदर्शन की कला – The Art of Pioneering (In Hindi)

    And how many of us meet with, and surmount a mountain of challenges every day? Can each one of us not be a pioneer in our own right? In our families, our workplaces and communities? Can we not each be teachers, role models and have the courage to do what we must do, what we know is right, even though it may not be the most comfortable thing to do?