• Inner Peace Inner Power Retreat, 2016

    Inner Peace Inner Peace Retreat, 2016 This year was the 8th ‘Inner Peace Inner Power’ Retreat held at the Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in Mt Abu, India. It was truly an amazing energy that we, the 104 guests and 45 helpers and guides, collectively created on the holy mountain top. Mt Abu is a Continue reading »

  • Discovery Mode

    Discovery Mode We each have our own perspective of the world, and we tend to think that ours is the correct one! When other people’s viewpoint or comprehension of events doesn’t match our own we tend to jump to the conclusion that their version is wrong. Yet each one of us is unique, and our Continue reading »

  • Reduce Your Need, Forsake Your Greed

    Reduce your needs, forsake your greed, take less, and have compassion for the planet. Have mercy for the kids and laborers who have to work ever harder to get the chocolate to your palate! Be kind to the animals, that is, the cows and the crocodiles!

  • The Power of Positivity is in Your Hands

    It is important for us to stay in a positive mind frame at all times. Only we can do that for ourselves, for only we have the switch to our own mind. When a situation arises there is nothing to be gained from getting nervous, negative or upset. Just stay focused on what you need to do and success will soon follow.