Healing Our Feelings

Healing Our Feelings

Very often we do not realize the significance of the role our feelings play in relation to our good health.  We vastly under-estimate the impact that our state of mind, that is our thoughts have upon our health and well-being, especially those negative thoughts!

When those thoughts are not transformed into positive, then those negative thoughts will only come to haunt us later in the form of sickness or ill health.  This may seem obvious to many of us. But do we truly realize just how important it is to create the right type of thoughts and feelings in our mind?  We need to consciously choose to steer the mind away from the creation, or even influence of any negative thoughts or feelings.

…when that thought is repetitive and prolonged… it gets stored in the cells of our body and weakens our immune system.

We have often heard of every thought making an impact in our lives.  But when that thought is repetitive and prolonged, or we take some emotional sorrow from that thought, then as a vibration, it gets stored in the cells of our body and weakens our immune system.  That is when the organ or system within the body begins to become weak, eventually stops functioning well, and we call it disease or ill health.

Here are some examples of thoughts that can turn into sorrow and some form of ill health.

Thought: “Why am I not included?”
Creates Feelings of Sorrow: thoughts of rejection, being left out and not being worthy or feeling good enough.

Thought: “I should have done it when I was younger.”
Creates Feelings of Sorrow: thoughts of regret and some sense of loss and failure.

Thought: “I hate doing this job!”
Creates Feelings of Sorrow: that thought and those feelings are of resistance.  This will set you up for a massive load of push back from the Universe, and that will come in the shape of everyone and everything!!

Thought: “Why can’t people change around here?”
Creates Feelings of Sorrow: the thought and feelings being dis-satisfied and helpless.  This develops into the feeling of being a victim and playing into the part of ‘poor me’.

So, one can see that a continuous stream of these thoughts can indeed be very damaging to the ‘self’.  Since a feeling is really a vibration, it is easy for that vibration to easily set in motion an energy shift in the body, and over time this will begin to manifest as some form of an ache, pain or sickness.

Those accumulated feelings can also turn into emotions.  To feel angry inside is one thing, but to have an outburst of those feelings is to become emotional with a total lack of self-control!  Many of us may be passive people with ‘anger issues’, and just because we do not ‘release’ that energy as some form of outburst, it does not mean that we do not get angry.  We are still harming ourselves or others.

The pent up, that is unexpressed
emotions, are one of the great causes of sickness in our society today.

The pent up, that is unexpressed emotions, are one of the great causes of sickness in our society today.  Pent up anger still causes a vibration that doesn’t make us good company for anyone and that includes our self!  There are various mind-sets that can be problems just waiting to happen…

  • Not wanting to see certain things in life can literally make us blind.
  • Not being able to digest certain pieces of life or reality? Well that may be the cause of your indigestion!
  • Having pain in the joints? – Try being a bit easier and more flexible, adaptable and adjustable.  Being rigid and stubborn will only increase your problems.
  • Being too emotional causes heart ache – literally!
  • And so, the list goes on…

Our body can be a mirror for what is going on in the soul, but the question is:  Do we want to look into that mirror?  Are we willing to read the messages it is giving us?

Working through our feelings is the hardest job of all.  First one has to accept that this feeling is not working for me, and secondly, it would be better for me let it go. To get to step one is the first stage of self-respect and inner awakening.  Then step two is a step of courage.  Once I decide that I want a better quality of life in terms of health and relationships, then I will work to transform and destroy those negative feelings forever.

This is why it is so important not to turn every event into a feeling one.  Learning to stay neutral as a detached observer will keep us healthy and happy.  There is nothing as traumatic as a rollercoaster of emotions; taking us up one moment and then crashing down the next.  Always remember, nothing is ever as good as it seems… equally it is also never as bad as it seems.

The ego loves to judge everything! 

The EGO is the main culprit that creates the twist in our perspective on life; the ego brings us into a lot of feelings.  The ego loves to judge everything!  The ego makes us want to feel things are either good or bad, right or wrong.  The ego wants to bring us into duality thinking and feeling.  It wants to tightly control everything around us, creating the illusory promise to secure our happiness… at some future time!  The ego wants to make others look bad or wrong so that the ego can look… oh so right!   Because when we look right, we feel good.  Well, temporarily at least.  The ego always wants to feel good – no matter what the cost or to whom!

A big part of healing the soul is both love and acceptance.  Acceptance of everything around us and within us.  That long nose, those big thighs, that pot belly, our children who always bring home low marks, the government that is corrupt and on and on the list goes.  Once we are at peace with what is, then we can begin to change what isn’t.

This is where it is really useful to create affirmations of acceptance related to your life.

I accept everything around me.

Everything is beautiful and wonderful.

It is all happening for a good reason.

The Drama of life will reveal my purpose to me.

I give myself permission to let go what of whatever I do not need.

I am a bestower.  It is my natural nature to give ALL the time.

I am love and I am worthy of love.

It’s Time… to begin to heal our feelings.  This is totally an inside job because there is a direct relationship between our mental and emotional well-being… and our physical well-being.  And next time you have a thought of not being included… say to yourself: “There’s a very good reason that I am not there!”


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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