• Don’t Worry – It’s Not Personal

    Sometimes we can be super-sensitive and ‘perceive’ some slight against us, (where none is intended), and then we take things personally!  What has happened to our power in that moment?  We do not seem to have any inner peace or inner power anymore.  Where and how did we lose it?  And is it possible to reclaim that power?

  • Effective or Defective?

    The defect begins actually in our thoughts… this is why it is so important to watch the quantity and quality of our thinking.  This leads to a decision which leads to action, which shapes our personality and creates our destiny!  So it is good to check our own mind, check for any virus and negative thinking patterns.  We can see if the seed of thought is flawed by what the tree and fruits are like.

  • Exploring and Connecting with Our World

    Exploring and Connecting with Our World   Everything in life speaks to us in some way or the other, it signals us towards something.  I heard a poem in Hindi this morning in which the poet was speaking about our relationship with things.  He said: the clock reminds us to use every minute wisely; the Continue reading »