Make Up

Posted on May 2, 2011

The term ‘make-up’ has so many diverse meanings which in one way or another all have fascinating spiritual correlations.

There is a popular expression that short people ‘make up for it in other ways’.  There is some truth in this.  What we don’t have, we go to great lengths to make up for in other ways.  For example: If one is lacking in self esteem, they make every effort to boast about what they have in order to ‘win’ the respect of others.  If one has not had a formal education, they may compensate for it by outsmarting others or highlighting their other assets.  And if one is indeed short in height, they will want to ‘stand tall’ in other people’s vision.

Make-up also has another meaning – cosmetics!  When people ‘paint their faces’, it is usually either to enhance what they have or to conceal what they don’t!  In both cases, they do not let natural beauty prevail.  With the all the harmful substances in cosmetic products, it raises the question whether artificial beauty is worth the price.

Make up also means to top up!  For example, to make up a class in school or training program; to catch up on lost knowledge or information.  And by doing so, one is on a par with the rest of the group.

Your makeup can also be genetic, biological, physical and emotional.  It’s what you are made of.  And in challenging times, it’s tested.

Finally, to make up means to make amends; to reconcile; to put past grievances behind and to make peace. You probably remember the phrase, ‘now kiss and make up!’

When we embark on a spiritual journey all these terms take on a spiritual meaning.

We begin to realize that what we really need to make up is the qualities that are lacking in the soul, no matter what our physical shape, form or size.  If one is short for example, it does not mean they will command any less respect, it is what the soul brings to the table that will determine their value in others’ eyes.  As one cultivates inner qualities, virtues and powers, it is this inner work that makes one stand tall and strong no matter what the height!  In fact, in a state of soul consciousness, no one really notices your physical form – it really does not seem to matter.

Likewise, it is the aura of virtues that colour and beautify the soul.

Sweetness brings a smile to the face, humility a grace, kindness a softness; love a suppleness, truth a confidence and purity a nobleness.  Someone is only truly beautiful if they carry a pure, kind, loving nature along with all their other fancy accessories!

The lipstick symbolises polite and rosy words, the blusher the constant inner joy and the eyeliner represents the positive and pure vision – one that only sees goodness and virtue.

We realize we are not just made up of flesh and bones, we are also a living energy, a spark, a light; thus our real make-up by definition is not material.  Knowing that the soul is indeed eternal and will live on forever and ever gives solace to many.  When I feel and experience deeply that I am a soul, no water can drown me, no fire can burn me, no knife can cut me – I the soul am immune.

And with all the pain and conflict in the world, it is really time to ‘kiss and make-up’!  In Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”  Let each one accept responsibility for their feelings and actions and let’s all move on.

We have wasted too much time and energy in negative thoughts, feelings of revenge, regret and sorrow.  We have lost too much time and this is where the soul now needs to catch up and make up for lost time.  As we age, we need to pack healthy, happy memories into the suitcase of the soul; there is no room for the dark and gloomy ones.

It’s time… to examine the make-up of the soul in the mirror of personal truth:

What am I truly made up of?

What make-up do I put on every morning together with my lipstick or after shave!?

What do I need to make up for in life that I feel I have not yet achieved?

What do I need to pack for my soul journey?

When we have achieved authenticity, we will not need to ‘make up’ any fanciful stories; we can be genuine and authentic!

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