• Desire or Deserve?

    So, once we have recognized our goal, it is important to get those motivational gears into motion to achieve it.  We need to do this for our self, not for others.  Let us not forget to mention that often there is a lot of subtle inner work going on inside that nobody can see.  We can see people working out in the gym; but who can see how much someone is working out in their inner gym of the mind?

  • Making Mountains into Molehills

    Many people have the habit of making molehills into mountains.  They like to amplify things, giving them more weight than necessary and making them bigger than life.  But does this type of attitude and vision really serve us?

    How many times have we found ourselves fretting about small situations that don’t really matter that much at all?

  • Fixing a Broken Heart

    “To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” Bess Myerson.To ‘fall’ in love is simple.  Why?  Because gravity says so!  But to pull one-self out of the pit of pain, takes time, courage and self-respect.  Although hearts can be broken due to a number reasons, we will focus on the heartache caused because of the loss of a loved one which could be due to divorce, separation or death.

  • Handling Defamation… Can You?

    So, therefore think twice before reacting to what someone says.  If we react, it means we have accepted the criticism, and have begun preparing for a legal battle, however subtle, to defend our self!  If we ignore it, our silence may have more power than the words which were wielded at us in the first place!

  • Be Blessed

    This week, I would like you to pick a number from 1-30 and by doing that you will read to yourself the blessing (below) corresponding to that number.   Really feel it.  It has come to your freely.  It has come to your timely.  It is a reminder of who you are already.   Blessings are not something we should have to work towards… blessings are blessings.   They remind us of why we are here.  Blessings help us to oil the wheels of our life.

  • Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

    When we first complain about those aches and pains, then our first point of checking should be our food.  Keeping a diary or a journal of the meals we have eaten each day, at what times and the ingredients contained therein.  This will help us considerably in sussing out the root of our sicknesses, it can be as simple as a mild headache every day. 

  • Procrastinating?

    Let us take a look at the reasons why we have this habit of ‘putting things off’.  I have heard many people say: “Once I get motivated, I would surely do it.”  But isn’t it often the case that once we start the ‘doing’, then we get motivated?  As we sign up for the gym, and see the others pushing their limits (or the weights), we begin to want to try it.  We start helping the homeless…

  • Reformatting the Sub-Conscious Mind

    Well, needless to say, the sub-conscious mind is running on the record that was taped in our early formative years, plus everything else that it has gathered along the way.  If it is positive, well and good, and if it is not, then the person suffers for the rest of their life. It can be like something simmering on the back burner of the stove, it can literally be smelling up the whole house.

  • Change Your Destiny

    Change Your Destiny Guided Meditation Commentary – Abundance Consciousness     Can we change anything in our lives?  Can we change our destiny? Yes.  By degrees.  How is it possible?  It is a question of our attitude and perceptions, these determine how we will experience life.  Our attitude and our perceptions will totally colour our Continue reading »

  • Influenced or Influencer?

    Influenced or Influencer?   Today we are living in a world where we are constantly being impressed and enticed in one way or another. So we need to exercise a great deal of caution and discrimination, we need to be able to filter the real from the unreal, and even the surreal! As soon as Continue reading »