• Creating a New Meme of Love

    ‘Memes’ are subtle, they are transmitted as thoughts, ideas and beliefs which quietly slip into our daily living and culture, almost imperceptibly such that we now accept them as a ‘normal’ part of our life.  We have to check the nature of these ‘memes’, and see are they really good for us?  For example what is ‘normal’ about being afraid to hug our children, grandchildren and grandparents, or a friend?  For how long are we going to be afraid of a handshake, a kiss or patting someone on the back?  Is this how we want to live our life in the future?  We must resist this culture of fear.  So, it is time to wake up, because a future full of fear will not be a happy future to live in.

  • Incredible India – The Brighter Side

    The Indian culture is known to be one of the world’s oldest civilizations. In the past western cultures mocked some of these customs and failed to appreciate the pleasant or favourable aspects of them. When the British took hold of India they tried to change many of India’s customs and systems. Today, we see how extremely beneficial some of these customs can be to our well-being and survival, they are not simply traditions to be followed blindly. In our current times India may offer some useful practices and lifestyle choices.

  • Resilience Not Resignation

    In the same way, lessons come to teach us something in life.  For if students did not get the tests and exams, then how would they know how far they had progressed?  So too, life sends us a test here and there, and it really is for us to look inside.  We have to fix ourselves from inside out and not try and fix the situation, or person, from outside in.  If we can take this approach, we can be ahead of the game, we can be prepared for the tests, so that we can pass them fully.

  • Take Charge

    In a state of self-mastery we are HAPPY.  WE are in control.  WE, not THEM, are in charge of our life, as we CHOOSE our DESTINY with the QUALITY OF OUR THOUGHTS.  This is why we need to meditate and take quiet time to reflect and recharge our batteries of the soul.  ‘The System’ does not like happy people.  ‘The System’ likes complainers and criticisers, and discontented people because these people make good consumers!! 

  • Simply Love

    Love is an elusive state of being that has enchanted, enraptured and tormented many a lover throughout time.  This single four-letter word has the power to conquer hearts and minds when shared, or break a heart or two when not given.

    Almost every heart is in search of it, and if we do not find it in the ‘significant other’ then our attention goes to our friendships, food, fashion, fads and fragrance as we look hard and fast to quench that thirst.  Why is that?  Because love is the essence of our being, because in fact we are love.

  • Desire or Deserve?

    So, once we have recognized our goal, it is important to get those motivational gears into motion to achieve it.  We need to do this for our self, not for others.  Let us not forget to mention that often there is a lot of subtle inner work going on inside that nobody can see.  We can see people working out in the gym; but who can see how much someone is working out in their inner gym of the mind?

  • Making Mountains into Molehills

    Many people have the habit of making molehills into mountains.  They like to amplify things, giving them more weight than necessary and making them bigger than life.  But does this type of attitude and vision really serve us?

    How many times have we found ourselves fretting about small situations that don’t really matter that much at all?

  • Fixing a Broken Heart

    “To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” Bess Myerson.To ‘fall’ in love is simple.  Why?  Because gravity says so!  But to pull one-self out of the pit of pain, takes time, courage and self-respect.  Although hearts can be broken due to a number reasons, we will focus on the heartache caused because of the loss of a loved one which could be due to divorce, separation or death.

  • Handling Defamation… Can You?

    So, therefore think twice before reacting to what someone says.  If we react, it means we have accepted the criticism, and have begun preparing for a legal battle, however subtle, to defend our self!  If we ignore it, our silence may have more power than the words which were wielded at us in the first place!

  • Be Blessed

    This week, I would like you to pick a number from 1-30 and by doing that you will read to yourself the blessing (below) corresponding to that number.   Really feel it.  It has come to your freely.  It has come to your timely.  It is a reminder of who you are already.   Blessings are not something we should have to work towards… blessings are blessings.   They remind us of why we are here.  Blessings help us to oil the wheels of our life.