It’s Time… to be Cool


‘It’s Time… to be Cool’
How Awareness and Insight can Make You Calm and Confident

by Aruna Ladva

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In this fourth book, Aruna again offers new and sometimes surprising perspectives on dealing with everyday challenges.  As one who sincerely seeks change, Aruna writes from the heart, as well as from her experience of approaching and experimenting with life from the inside out.

She plays on the word ‘cool’, but the underlying state of being that she is inviting us to invoke for ourselves is that of being calm, free from tension, and free from overwhelming emotions that impair our judgement.

Coolness in a spiritual sense is something that comes from contemplating the deeper aspects of life, from knowing and understanding ourselves better, and from drawing upon the deep wellspring of wisdom that is within all of us.

With a cool mind and a clear intellect we can learn to thoughtfully respond to situations, and begin to operate less from conditioned responses and more from positive feelings and intentions.

This book offers many insights on how to manage our minds and manage our lives better.  It teaches us how to dissolve anger and to create inner silence, how to slow down and appreciate life, and how to become internally strong.