It's Time... To Do the Inner Work

By Aruna Ladva

In our modern 21st century the stress and pressures of daily living are ever increasing. We never seem to see a reduction in the things that demand our time, money and attention. That list seems endless. It is enough just to get by juggling all the demands of the work-life balance. We put all our energies just into surviving each new twist and turn that life presents to us.

We all exist in two worlds, the outer and the inner world. In the outer world we work hard, we look after our family, we care for our children, we are good people and we manage the best we can. But, for the inner world somehow… although it is our intention to give quality time for ourselves and for personal growth, we just never get around to it. In the face of action, time for ourselves evaporates and becomes the sacrifice to other things. Eventually, we may come to realise that we are not the priority in our own life!


This is the sixth book in the series and has been taken from Aruna’s popular blog ‘It’s Time to Meditate’. In Aruna’s new book – It’s Time… To Do the Inner Work, Aruna easily communicates the wisdom and insights that she has gained from her inward journey. She shares how meditation and taking time for the ‘self’ really pays off when we do the inner work.

When we take time to do the inner work we add value to our account of peace and happiness. Making time to do the inner work with the ‘self’ really does pay dividends in the experience of a better quality life and an increase in the level of our happiness.

Anyone who is a seeker of change will find this book invaluable. The key is learning to take the time to use the tools available, and to make the practice of meditation, mindfulness and quiet reflection a lifestyle choice. Because quite simply, by taking time to invest in our ‘self’ we will find that it is one of the best investments any one of us can ever make!

To purchase online go to Inspired Stillness.

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