It’s Time… To Do the Inner Work

It’s Time… To Do the Inner Work

A heads up for the new book coming soon entitled:
It’s Time… To Do the Inner Work.

If you have seen the movie Inside Out, then you can see how perfectly we need to get a grip on the control systems of our life. How often do we find that our mind and emotions are just running amuck?

The body is a marvellous machine and all the functions are fantastically intricate. But we must realize that we are not our machine, the body, brain or mind.The being, pure consciousness, light, energy, the soul that is who and what we are, this is our eternal identity.

When we get caught up in the stuff on the outside, then the inside just goes haywire. Then there is chaos and confusion in the mind and in time the operating system will totally crash! This is why the soul needs to get back behind the controls to guide our life in the best way and the best direction, basically letting love, not attachment, fear or expectation be our default programme. We have been running those old programmes of fear, anger and sadness for so long, now is the time to discard them and let them go.

If we are honest with ourselves, then we must all put our hands up and admit that we really should be changing something in our own lives, whether it’s something out there or something here inside.

It is not that we do not see the need to change, but we just do not make the inner work a priority in life when we are faced with so many worldly attractions and distractions. Sometimes, all it needs is to have the right tools and motivation. Very often too we can be hard on ourselves as we see the apparent mammoth task of all that self-change ahead of us.  At that time, take a deep breath and handle every moment bit by bit.

Life means change.  We all know that change is inevitable.  Meditation and taking time for silence and quiet reflection will help us on our journey. As we take time out to focus on our inner self, we become a little kinder and gentler on ourselves. The change process becomes lighter and easier. We feel we can handle life with grace and not as a battle. As we nurture the spirit on a daily basis we will definitely find our way back to peace and happiness in life.

The inner work is about observing and identifying the ways in which we approach situations; to enhance our awareness of how we behave and can change in those situations. The more we can understand ourselves, the more we will be able to understand others.

Since our attitudes, feelings and emotions trigger our actions, it is important to understand this intricate connection. Once we can understand the root cause of our conflicts, they will all become easier to manage.Actually, the situations and conflicts do not need to be managed, if we managed ourselves better we would not find ourselves in these stressful situations in the first place.

Doing the inner work becomes easy once we accept that something needs to change in our lives.And that something is us! Making change easy is about being ready, willing and open to learning new behaviours and new approaches to life. It’s about building new attitudes towards situations, creating new perspectives and a new vision for all parties concerned.

In any situation it’s very easy to blame others and to not take up our own end of the responsibility. As we do the inner work, which means that as we are willing to take up our personal responsibility, for our share of whatever the drama of life presents to us, then we can take charge of our own life more fully. Once we do this, we empower ourselves and become masters of the situation. We are no longer waiting for the other party to change, or for them to fix the situation so that we can be happy.

The real inner work is about accepting our differences. Each person brings to the table their own set of ideas, attitudes, beliefs, values, perceptions, feelings, experiences, memories, judgments etc. Differences are likely to occur and are part of our everyday life. When a conflict situation happens, each individual sees the conflict from their own perspective. This does not mean that one person’s view is correct and the other is not: it simply means that there two different viewpoints.

Taking time to do the inner work is also about having deep, concentrated meditation, the sort that burns our impurities and gives us a clearer vision of the world. When we return to a purer state of being, we will have fewer differences and fewer conflicts.

If we come to love change, then we will be able to more easily embrace change.  There will never be a good time to change.  Now is always the right time.  Time is beckoning us.  Time is waiting for us.  The time is ready.  We just need the courage to make that first step and for each one of us to start to do the inner work.It is easier than we think, and after a little practice we may even find that you come to enjoy it!

With colourful pictures and REFLECTIVE exercises,
you will really find this book a useful tool on your spiritual journey.

It’s Time… to stop putting things off.Stop losing your happiness and peace of mind.Give up those old habits of procrastination and embrace change, give yourself time to do the inner work… and then watch your outer world change!


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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