• Free Will, Choice and Consequence

    We are light-workers.  What is it that we light-workers have to do?  We have to increase our light by coming back into the conscious awareness of the truth of our being-ness as pure loving lights.  As pure soul energy beings.

  • ODE to the BUG – POEM

    Stay inside
    Stay inside they said
    But which inside did they mean
    I was not too sure
    Was it the inside of my house on my street
    Or was it the inside of this house that houses the soul?

  • Building Inner Resilience

    This is the time to strengthen our inner core; the core of spirituality. If we don’t get this right, we wont get anything else right. If we are tough on the inside, we will be able to handle any rollercoaster of life.

  • Dadi Janki – A Loving Farewell

    A loving farewell. Dadi Janki passed away at around 2:00 am on March 27th 2020 at the ripe old age of 104!  The cause of death was a heart attack.  She lived a purposeful life filled with many achievements. 

  • Living Fearlessly” by Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda

    Fear Kills…. more than the virus itself! Living Fearlessly” by Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda While meditating late one night, a certain Saint saw the ghost of the dread smallpox disease entering the village where he lived. “Stop Mr Ghost” he cried. “Go away you must not molest a town in which I worship God.” “I Continue reading »

  • Take Charge

    In a state of self-mastery we are HAPPY.  WE are in control.  WE, not THEM, are in charge of our life, as we CHOOSE our DESTINY with the QUALITY OF OUR THOUGHTS.  This is why we need to meditate and take quiet time to reflect and recharge our batteries of the soul.  ‘The System’ does not like happy people.  ‘The System’ likes complainers and criticisers, and discontented people because these people make good consumers!! 

  • It’s Time… for Me Time

    Hello everyone… so it’s finally happened… we now have to sit and face ourselves.  What a golden opportunity to turn within and make maximum use of this time.  Such a time will not come again and it is up to each one of us to make the most of it.