Creating Spiritual Newness for the New Year – 2013

Posted on January 6, 2013

As the New Year of 2013 is rolled out, many of us may be wishing that we could deal with our past just as easily as turning a page of a calendar.  It would be nice to be able to simply and quickly turn the pages of our past life.  We feel this especially when it comes to applying a spot of oil of that ‘TLC – tender, loving, care’ to our tired long term relationships where they may have developed a bit of a ‘squeak’ as time has gone by!

How often do we feel like ‘starting all over again’, perhaps by creating some ‘new beginnings’?  How often have we wished that we could correct the ‘mis-takes’ we have made in the past and ‘re-take’ some decisions that we may still be regretting?  When there is a yearning for newness in the soul, it is really a desire for change at a deeper level.

We think of recreating and renovating everything from our homes and gardens to changing our cars, and in some cases even changing our spouses and partners!  But when was the last time we stopped to recreate a new ‘me’?

Many of us hold onto the past like an old antique!  If there is the habit of holding onto memories of times gone in the hope they will repeat, then there will not be room for newness in the heart and mind.  The past is only worth as much as it shapes me into the person that I am today.  Let me learn how to keep the best, and let go of the rest and move on peacefully.

Nature teaches us our greatest lessons, and that is that season’s come and go.  Nothing lasts forever.  Everything changes with time, and thus it seems a paradox, and yet it is true to say that: ‘change is the only constant’.  It would be pointless and senseless to hold onto the flowers after they have wilted, withered and died.  In the same way, once the soul has lost its own inner natural beauty which is the pure and original virtues of the soul, then that happiness for the self and within our relationships is also lost.

When we come from a place of selfishness then we just don’t give up. We try to squeeze as much out of the person and the relationship as we possibly can, without realizing that the other person is bone dry and cannot give any more than what they are already giving.

There is also the other side of the coin to consider, and that is where I am disposed of and tossed aside once the attraction is over, or where my usefulness to others is no longer working in their favour.  When each side starts to use the other in this selfish way, then pain, hurt and sorrow become the normal exchange in the relationship where nobody is happy anymore.  The presence of love, acceptance and respect are a sign of a healthy and balanced relationship.

People, events, opportunities come into and go out of our lives for different reasons.  If we come to understand these reasons then we will not continue to hold onto those people or things long after their ‘expiry date’ in our life.  We would be ready to let go and allow them to move on and move on with our life.

Don’t buy into the transitory worldly description of newness – a new hair do, a new location, a new job, a new outfit … those are all temporary and they will fade as fast as those flowers!  If there is no shift at a deep internal level with our attitudes and beliefs, then we will soon fall back into the old habits.

Newness will arrive naturally in one form or another but why not be a master and choose to create the newness of your choice at any moment, rather than to be compelled to change by the forces of time and circumstance.  You can re-invent yourself by choosing to see any situation or person in a new way.  Developing a new way of thinking and seeing, creating a new vision, a new attitude, a new perspective, these are all ways of developing newness.

Spiritual newness also means to not be coloured by the old, the past and the negative.  Each new moment is a pure moment, untainted even slightly by the past.  Make every pure new moment count.

The only way to change the past is to change the future.  The power to make positive change lies within your own hands.  No matter how ordinary or monotonous life may appear to be, within a second, with a switch of a thought, there can be creativity and fun.

It’s time … to introduce newness in our life; every moment can be a new one if we decide to make it such.  Live each moment to the fullest… free yourself from the past and the future, live a life with no regrets and without worries.  Then we can say we have truly turned over a new leaf, and created a new page in our life.

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London


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