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It’s Just a Drama

It’s Just a Drama I LIVE A DRAMATIC LIFE… IT’S JUST NOT ON NETFLIX YET! We seem to have been watching plays, dramas, and now movies… since like forever!  We enjoy being entertained, sometimes even at the expense of someone’s character!  Yet what are always the main characteristics of a great or enjoyable drama?  There …

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Nature’s Wisdom

Nature’s Wisdom Remember that Nature has all the secrets.  When scientists have the humility to ask the right questions, with the right intention and with a view to understand and not to control… then Nature reveals Her secrets. Mother Nature knows best. Look at the natural body clock.  We live in a biological hormonal system. …

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Transfer Your Bags and Baggage

Transfer Your Bags and Baggage I have been doing quite a bit of travelling lately and dealing with different currencies.  This gave me a little insight and a whole new meaning to the term ‘transferring your bags and baggage’! As soon as we are about to leave one country and get on the plane, that …

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