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Dress Up … Not Down

Dress Up … Not Down Once a British man asked Swami Vivekananda, “Why can’t you wear trousers and a shirt and tie and look like a gentleman?” Swami Vivekananda smiled and said: “In your culture, a tailor makes a gentleman; but, in ours, character makes a gentleman.” Earlier this week we visited Blenheim Palace, a […]

Bhavna and Bhasna

Bhavna and Bhasna Bhavna and Bhasna are two Hindi words that speak volumes.  It’s the experience of these two words that is so important in our daily living, and enhance our experience of life.  Let me attempt to explain their meanings to you. Bhavna means the pure feelings one has for anyone or anything in […]

Context is King

Context is King There is a reason why we are where we are, and there is a reason why we have certain people in our lives.  Believe it not, you, yes you, (and I) attracted these souls into our life. These souls are part of our life to help us learn our greatest of life’s […]



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