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Breaking Habits

Breaking Habits “Our life is the creation of our mind.” Buddha It’s important to look into different ways of doing things, simply because we are unaware of our habits, and we get so used to doing things in the same way.  We become trapped in our patterns, we fail to take the time to step […]

Being Carefree

Being Carefree There is a beautiful Indian expression “sach to bitho nach”. Which means the soul who has truth, (speaks truth), dances.  Hence, there is a strong correlation between truth and being happy and carefree.  The one who has nothing to hide is free to express any emotion.  The one who has a guilty conscience […]

Our Final Farewell to Dad

Our Final Farewell to Dad Vasrambhai Karsan Ladva – (1932-2024)   The soul of Vasrambhai Karsan Ladva, my father, left his body on 2nd February 2024.  He had just turned 91 years old in December. Anything can become a reason for the soul to fly away.  In Dad’s case, it was a fall and a […]



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