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Going Beyond and Going Within

In this time of lockdown and what for many people can be described as social isolation, perhaps we can learn a lesson or two from Brahma Baba. In his time he was a spiritual pioneer, and that was during the early 20th Century.  But, Brahma Baba’s strength of character and his spiritual insights have not been diminished by time. One of the key factors to transforming his life was the ability to use the power of silence through the practice of meditation. 

2021…  I Am Ready for You!

I smile and I cheer for a…  Happy New Year.   For life is good.  I live in my truth.  I stand in my truth.  I love from my truth.  I am happy that I am… a pure radiant being of light...  the purest essence of spirit… and that is all that matters.

A Truly Happy New Year

Simplify, Focus and Grateful... are my three words for the coming new year... what are yours?



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