Are You Living In A State of Independence?

Are You Living In A State of Independence?

From the moment we are born until we die, we take support of something or the other.  In fact, we have become too accustomed to ‘leaning’ on that thing or person.  But imagine when that support is pulled away from you?  What will happen to you?  Will you still be standing?  Hence it would be wise to practice a certain amount of independence from time to time for our inner health and well-being.

At birth we take the support of our parents and the pram.  As teenagers we take the support and help of our teachers and preachers.  In our twenties and thirties, we are devoted to both life partners…  our beloved and our career!  In comes the wealth, and we begin to depend on it to create the most luxurious and comfortable lifestyle for ourselves.  Children begin arriving and we start to dote on them; giving them everything we missed out on in our life!  We don’t realize that we are making them dependent rather than independent!  As life gets closer to the finishing line, we hold onto the support of old friends, and then even that walking stick is ever so handy.  Then on my final journey, I have to take the support of the shoulder of others as my final chapter of life comes to a close!

Therefore, no doubt it comes as a surprise when we are asked on a spiritual path to give up those supports and to stand alone. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally, to stand tall, to be independent and self-sufficient.  But the reasons can be many and varied.

How many of us would say that we are truly independent?  In fact, most of us struggle to some degree or another, sometimes through-out our whole lives we seem to be trying to make our ‘self’ free.   But often we are not too sure what exactly we are trying to become free from!  Some of the major things we need to become free from are probably a lot to do with our own beliefs, past memories, and not just our attachments to people and things.

The soul comes alone and the soul will go alone.  It is only here whilst in the body and this material world that the soul feels the need to explore these material supports.  Otherwise the soul is quite happy to be on its own and enjoy its own soul company.

In soul consciousness, everything I need is right here inside of me.  What does the soul need?  The soul does not really need to ‘shop’ for anything, nor to beg for anything.  Through the tool of meditation if we would take the time to look inside, we would find everything we were looking for.  But from the outside, well that is where we have lost our self in all the distractions of the world.

In an independent state, I am free.  No strings attached and no doubts or fears where I need to hold onto anything.  Nothing to prove, and in no fear of loss. It is so liberating to know that I am not holding onto anything and that also nothing is tying me down.  What an amazing and exhilarating feeling!

Nations are seeking independence from each other.  People are seeking independence from oppressive governments.  Youth are seeking a modern liberation from archaic traditions.  But spiritual independence is something completely different.  Spiritual independence can only be understood once we start to use the divine eye, often known as the third eye, the inner eye of understanding.

Spiritual independence means to be totally aware of one’s inner powers of choice and to see our freedom within that.  To be able to use free will and to be able to express the self, and to be able to exercise that choice at every moment.  That’s the support we should not lose sight of at all times.  My intuition with time will become clearer and sharper, and I will recognize what supports I need and which ones I need to let go of.

If we are to become an independent sovereign state, within the kingdom of my own mind, then we have to be faithful to that state.  So too, I need to be faithful to my soul; my own inner strength.  I need to not betray myself.  It’s simply a play of remembering and forgetting; remembering that I am powerful and I can do it, all alone.  My power lies within not without.

I can be happy anytime.  I can be loving towards me when I want to be.  I can be at peace with myself when I choose to feel peace.  I can be kind and compassionate when I want to.

I can, I can…  and I will.”  This is eternal liberation and you have always had the key to this.  Just try opening the lock, and let yourself go free!  Many obstacles that come on our path of life often defeat us because we have an attitude of ‘I cannot’.  It is our state of mind at the end of the day that will make the difference between victory, or perhaps even our defeat by the challenges that life presents to us.

In worldly terms we would call this independence, self-reliance and self-responsibility for our own life.  This self-reliance is only possible when we come to know who and what we truly are.  Strong and wise spiritual beings, very sensitive and intuitive when we are tuned in to our original nature of peace and purity.  But…  so very messed up when we are tuned out!

It’s Time…  to free our self from the illusions of false supports.  It is time to regain sovereignty over our state of independence!



© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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