Month: February 2015

Happy New Year – Especially to the Goats!

By Aruna / February 23, 2015 / 0 Comments

Happy New Year – Especially to the Goats!   As we speak, hundreds of millions around the world are celebrating the 15 day Chinese spring festival (新年Xin Nian), saying goodbye to the galloping Horse of last year’s lunar calendar, and ushering in the New Year with the gentle stride of the Goat. Are you a […]

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The Road to Peace

By Aruna / February 15, 2015 / 2 Comments

THE ROAD TO PEACE Peace Within the Self – A Beginning for World Peace ‘When there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person, when there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house, when there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the […]

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Feb 14th – The Power of Love

By Aruna / February 8, 2015 / 4 Comments

Feb 14th – The Power of Love ‘The power of love can move mountains’ is a well-known expression.  But what is the kind of love that is needed to move a mountain?  How sturdy and strong, and yet at the same time flexible and supple? It seems like a tall order in a world that can sometimes […]

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