• Expectations Become Future Resentments

    Expectations are a funny thing!  Isn’t it often the case that things happen that you ’don’t necessarily expect’ to happen?  And don’t things happen that you ‘do expect to happen’, that is that you ‘want’ to happen!  Is it as simple as thinking about something that causes that thing or event to happen?  Can we just ‘will’ something to happen?  Or is there some other mechanism underlying this conundrum?

  • Fixing a Broken Heart

    “To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” Bess Myerson.To ‘fall’ in love is simple.  Why?  Because gravity says so!  But to pull one-self out of the pit of pain, takes time, courage and self-respect.  Although hearts can be broken due to a number reasons, we will focus on the heartache caused because of the loss of a loved one which could be due to divorce, separation or death.