It’s Time… for Self-empowerment

It's Time... for Self-empowerment‘It’s Time… for Self-Empowerment’ – How spiritual power in your life transforms everything

“We become powerful when we return to our original and spiritual truth and have the courage to live it.”  Aruna Ladva

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There’s a time for everything – and everything has its own time. Across the world there is a desire for change, and now is the time. People are looking for change at an external level, be it political, social, or environmental. People are looking for positive change in systems, in organisations, and in relationships. Perhaps most important of all, people are looking for change in the self. A better way of living, feeling and being.

The most profound and lasting change begins inside each one of us with the desire for newness. It starts quietly and slowly, but eventually we will see a tsunami of change.  People everywhere, waking up to the realisation that change in the world is possible, and it starts with the self.

As spiritual beings we have travelled a long way from our true selves, but when we change course and come back to the core of who we truly are, when we can really be ourselves, that is the essence of real change. Life becomes easier and more enjoyable, relationships improve, and success is measured by our level of internal contentment and satisfaction, rather than by material attainments.

This book offers some insights garnered from years of experience of my personal growth, and also, as a teacher and guide, observing and interacting with others. My hope is that it will give you a few pointers that you can play with and put into practice. My wish is that it will help you on your own journey of change and transformation and to a greater and more insightful way of living.

If you are holding this book in your hands, then you are looking for a different way of doing things, a different way of being. The change starts now.


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