Month: November 2018

Mind Your Senses

By Aruna / November 25, 2018 / 4 Comments

We often use the term: ‘Mind your own business.’  But how about minding our own senses? If Raja Yoga is mastery over the ‘self’, then who is the ‘self’, and who or what are we supposed to be mastering?

There are many stories and poems from around the world, and they describe the body with all its senses as a kingdom to be mastered.  The senses are often referred to as wild horses which need to be tamed.  They run off into many different directions, and the one holding the reins has to have the strength and the expertise to guide them gently back on track.

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To Be Peaceful, Or To Be Right? It’s Your Choice

By Aruna / November 13, 2018 / 11 Comments

How many times have we stressed our self out and suffered in trying to prove our point?  And was it really worth it?  Where did it leave us? With more self-respect, or in complete loss and feeling depleted?  If there are legitimate disputes and we have certain rights to claim, there are the legal systems in place to register our disagreements.  But I am talking here about the daily ups and downs in life with those souls who are in our orbit. We call them family and friends, our inner circle so to speak.  Sometimes we have to ask ourselves: Is it really worth the fight to prove ourselves right?  You decide.

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Light Up Your Life – Happy Diwali

By Aruna / November 6, 2018 / 0 Comments

The lighting of the lamp during Diwali, usually a clay vessel and a white cotton wick, symbolises igniting the spiritual light of the soul while seated in the body of clay.  The light is fuelled by the oil of knowledge through the wick of the intellect.  The intensity of the light generated depends on the extent to which we absorb the oil of knowledge and expand our understanding. 

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