• Obstacles or Opportunities?

    An obstacle is anything that obstructs my path on the way to getting to my destination. Yet, on the other hand, we have all experienced at times that an obstacle, rather than stopping us in our path, can very often take us to places beyond our expectations.

    Whether it is physical blocks and boulders that get in our way, or whether it’s mental and emotional barriers, no one likes obstacles. When they appear, they create disappointment and disillusionment, which saps our energy.

  • Lost?

    Lost?   Losing something can be very upsetting; whether it’s losing a precious member of your family, who can never be replaced, or losing keys or wallets that can be.  Imagine all the times you have lost something, and what a frenzy it can cause us.  In fact, as soon as we lose something, we Continue reading »

  • To Doubt or Not to Doubt?

    What would happen if we decided to trust ourselves instead of doubting? If I trust in my abilities I will achieve far more than I will if I doubt them. If I decide to have faith in others rather than distrusting them then they are much more likely to rise to the occasion, and may even exceed my expectations.

  • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…

    Repetition, Repetition, Repetition… The power of repetition is well known. Just think of politicians and how they use this linguistic device in an attempt to convince us that they mean what they say. But how soon does it begin to sound hollow and contrived? Audio – Repetition, Repetition, Repetition… (Music by Deuter – Empty Shore) Continue reading »

  • अतुल्य भारत आज भी अतुल्य है (Incredible India is still Incredible in Hindi)

    अतुल्य भारत आज भी अतुल्य है जैसे ही मैने धूल से लदी हुई और मैली रेल की खिड़की से बाहर देखा तो मुझे बहुत ताज्जुब हुआ कि कभी भव्य और आलिशान रहा साम्राज्य आज कितना गिर गया है । मैं आबू रोड से दिल्ली जा रही थी । दिल्ली, जो कभी परिस्तान कहलाती थी, आज Continue reading »

  • थोड़ा-थोड़ा करके (Little by Little in Hindi)

    थोड़ा-थोड़ा करके बहुत से लोग मुझसे पूछते हैं कि इतना व्यस्त जीवन होते हुए भी मैंने चार किताबें कैसे लिख दी । अगर सच बताऊँ तो, मैं भी इस सवाल का जवाब नहीं दे सकती । परन्तु मेरा अन्दाज़ा है कि इसका ताल्लुक नियमित रूप से प्रत्येक सप्ताह परिश्रमपूर्वक लिखने से है, और फिर एक Continue reading »