• Hello 2018!

    What happens to the moth after it has sacrificed itself onto the flame? What was his motivation? Why was he the one to recognize the flame and not the others? These and other such questions can help us to understand why each one of us is so different, and why we are motivated by different things at different times.

  • Awakening Inner Power and Potential

    We can find out how to assemble a car, predict weather storms, find recipes for baking a cake, learn about amoebas and genetics and even track people through GPS.  In fact there is even a ‘Do it Yourself’ guide to human enlightenment!

  • Daily Meditation Practices

    Lighthouses play very important roles. They, like the tower, stand still, and yet are able to guide many to safety. Be a lighthouse, stand still and imagine yourself giving light to the world.  Your role is to be a steady source of light for others.  Do not think it is not your responsibility.  You are the chosen one.  Fill yourself with light and share that with others – it is your duty.

  • Interesting TidBits

    Hello Dear Readers,  This week I thought to share with you some interesting tidbits to help you keep up your enthusiasm for life! Enjoy!  And remember to keep shining that LIGHT of yours! Aruna     Galileo in the 15th century, discovered that any object falling to earth, fall at the same rate of time Continue reading »