Healing the Planet

Posted on March 13, 2011

There is a sense of helplessness and soul-searching after one of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded memory hit the north-east of Japan.  At the same time it is amazing to observe the offers of help from around the world flowing in for the victims of this humungous disaster.  During these catastrophes does anyone stop to consider caste, creed, religion, gender, status?  No!  Suddenly at these times of human crisis, we abandon our ego, our personal limitations and needs, and our sole focus is survival and sharing hope and compassion.

We do it because we cannot bear to see the sorrow and suffering of others and all of a sudden, their pain becomes our pain.  Imagine the death of loved ones, homes ruined, a lifetime’s earnings lost; all in a single wave!  As we reach out as one big family, this is an example of humanity and spirituality at work; sowing the seeds of kindness and compassion selflessly.

International armed forces have been thinned due to supporting a large number of crises around the world.  And while their main duty would be to protect and defend their nations, now they are seen distributing aid and smiling at people.  From where does this loving humanity arise so spontaneously at times like this?

We have a renewed sense of trust in every human being, as we continue to part with our wealth and services, hoping they will get to the right people and the ones who need them most.

The existence of God is being questioned by many.  Perhaps this is a good thing also, for when do we give God a front page headline, except when in distress!

The calamities we are witnessing today are in a way a reflection of our inner world; mirroring the tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that continually break out in our mind.  The ruthless energy of anger, violence and greed has impacted mankind and Mother Earth.  As we exploit the earth’s minerals and resources, hack its rainforests, pollute its waters, deplete its soil, we rob it of all its energy.  The world is experiencing a form of spiritual bankruptcy reflected in dwindling resources.

Thus this is nature’s way of rebelling; of ‘shouting’ back: ‘Leave me alone!’  Like anything that has been suppressed for a long while, it is only a matter of time before it revolts and literally ‘rises up’!

Like everything, the earth has a heart and it too can feel.  We need to feed it the energy of gratitude and loving kindness.  Meditations as we have discussed earlier are healing energies not only for the soul, but also for the planet.  On every third Sunday of the month, the Brahma Kumaris gifts the world with peace and light, and has done so since 1978.  The world gives us all that we need freely: air, water, food, sun and yet when was the last time you thanked Mother Earth?  We can never know the impact of our pure and positive thoughts, but there is a deep connection with the universe, a feeling, a knowing that at the time of need, it shall certainly defend me; carry me to safety.

Natural disasters in particular are a wakeup call as to where we are investing all our energies.  Are we too busy giving value to accumulating, hoarding, storing, stockpiling material wealth and possessions and not giving enough time to uplifting the soul.  What will be my last thought as I leave my mortal existence – will it be freedom of spirit, or wondering where I left my wallet?

It is unfortunate that we need such catastrophic events to bring the world together as one big family.  Isn’t it time to take heed for the future?  If only our vision would remain the same for all time – a vision of soul consciousness, embracing all, being non judgmental, creating harmony in relationships, so that we can be there for each other no matter what, as a family would be.

It’s Time… to assume our spiritual responsibility.  To help and support every member of the human race… to begin healing planet earth by taking out time to send good wishes and pure feelings back to nature.  It’s time to return back to the basics of what matters most: inner peace and love.  The founder of the Brahma Kumaris always said, there is no protection in these walls… there is only protection in virtue, in other words your positive, good karma will help you at a time of need.

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