Let’s Meditate…

Meditation Commentaries by Aruna Ladva (see below)

First the Introduction to Meditation
Unlike most other types of meditations, Raja Yoga Meditation is specifically practiced with open eyes. Closing our eyes may give us a moment of relief and a feeling of stepping away from it all but we may be fooling ourself. Simply closing the shutters of our house does not automatically make the problems outside go away. More powerful would be to keep our eyes open, and yet master not looking. This takes a mental strength and inner power. There are many reasons for this.

Raja Yoga Meditation means to become the master of one’s self, which means the master of one’s life. We cannot do this by sitting on a remote mountain, eyes closed and away from all forms of interaction. We are not blind to life and our challenges, so how would we learn spiritual mastery with our eyes closed?   We have to face every situation and learn to master its various dynamics.

Secondly, as we keep our eyes open and use a focal point such as a picture of a tiny point representing the soul, or a candle, or a beautiful flower, we eventually begin to become/reflect that which we look at over a period of time.

Thirdly, in meditation our brain emits waves that are very close to the delta waves created during sleep. If our eyes are closed, we can confuse sleep with meditation quite easily!

Before we begin any meditation, the preparation of ‘soul consciousness’ is fundamental. This term means to be totally stable in the consciousness of being a soul, a point of light energy sitting in the centre of the forehead, rather than to be in our usual ordinary awareness of being a physical entity. Soul consciousness is our key to enter a whole new world of experiences. This is the zone, the frequency that we need to tune into to be able to really make the time in our meditation fruitful.

Try to find a quiet space in which to meditate. It can be a special chair, a corner of your house or a specially dedicated room for meditation.  Now try out one of the following meditations.  Just let the commentary play in the background as you sit, relax and absorb the words and vibrations. Enjoy!


Early Morning Meditation Commentary (Music: https://www.bensound.com)


It’s Time – Divine Protection (in light of the C virus) (music by BenSound.com)


It’s Time – Affirmations for Health (Music – Stillness)


It’s Time – Affirmations for Wealth (Music – Stillness)



It’s Time – Affirmations for Healthy Relationships (Music – Stillness)



A Man of Vision and Virtue (Music by Chinmana Dunster – Breathing Pana)


Spiritual Warrior (Music unknown – sorry!)


New Beginnings – New You! (Music: Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu)


Forever Full (Music by Karumesh – Joy of Life)


Blessed (Music by Cafe Del Maar)


Sustainable Yogic Agriculture (Music by Deepak Ram – Cinderella in Indian Theme)


You are Special – not Ordinary! (Music by Prem Joshua)


Everything is Good (Music by Deuter – Silver Cloud)


Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth (Music by Deepak Ram – Cinderella Theme in India)

You Are a Star! (Music by Chinmaya Dunster – The Watcher)


Akrasia – Self Motivation (Music by Chinmaya Dunster – New Moon)


Your Health is in Your Hands (Garden of Gods)


Strengthening My Core – (Music by Brahma Kumaris Musique de Meditation Piste 7)

To Doubt or Not to Doubt (Music by Deepak Ram – Beauty in Diversity)


Acceptance in reference to article Repetition x 3 (Music by Deuter – Empty Shore)


‘Express and Experience in reference to article ‘Are You a Projector’ (Music by Cafe Del Maar – Volumen Trece II)


Little by Little (Music by The Art of Living – The Collection) 


‘Ocean Of Love’ (in reference to Blog article: Is God Really Holding a Stick Up There) (Music by Cafe Del Maar – Volumen Trece II)


‘Thank You Lord’ (Music by Brahma Kumaris – Piste)


‘God’s Light’ (Music by Deuter)


‘Feeling Peaceful’ by Aruna (Music by Deuter – Sea and Silence)


‘Affirmations’ (Music by Deuter)


‘Peaceful Being’ (Music by Deuter – Sea and Silence)


‘I am a Diamond’ (Music by Sepher and Shahin)


The following are ‘Meditation Laboratory’ commentaries recorded at various retreats around the world



‘Meditation Commentary’


‘Experiments with Silence’


31 Responses to “Let’s Meditate…”

  • Josephine Farkashazi (Brahma Kumaris)

    Hello Aruna
    I love your meditate now. Will it be possible to download these commentaries to use in service
    Lots of love – bkJosephine – Langley Slough centre, Slough Berkshire

  • Adesh Kumar Tyagi

    Divine Soul,

    You are doing a good job. You are looking in a very good stage. I and GOD always bless u ! Be continue……………….


  • Julieta

    Hola Aruna
    Beautiful and powerful meditations. However, the two first ones it seems have not been uploaded properly as they are just few seconds long. Would it be possible that you uploaded the meditation on God’s light? Many thanks and blessings

  • Julieta

    Hola Aruna
    many thanks for the God’s Light meditation that you sent me. I have been enjoyed it everythings and has been of great help and inspiration. It is beautiful.
    I would like to ask you/suggest if you can record the powerful Ho’oponopono meditation that you published in “It’s time …for self-empowerment” page 48. It such a powerful one.
    many thanks
    Blessings and love

  • Renu Gupta

    Thank you Aruna ji.
    I really appreciate your efforts to upload these meditation .
    it helps me start the day in peace .
    God bless you
    Om Shanti

    • Hello Renu,
      Bless You

      thank you for writing!
      Much appreciated!

      Wishing you all the best for 2016

      Om Shanti

  • Dear Aruna,

    Your blog and especially meditation commentaries are a godsend to me! If it were a book the pages would be well worn by now…you truly bless me with your insights and ability to see what is needed in the world and in people living in it. Om Shanti

  • Dear sister Aruna

    That you so much for these wonderful spiritual lessons. It has helped me bring about change in me.

    I’m shanti

  • I can’t hear the meditations. Is everything working OK? I really want to hear them. I”m suffering from clinical depression and believe meditation will help me. Thank you. I love what you’re doing.

    • Hi Monica
      Sorry for the delay in replying

      Yes everything is working ok…
      Let me know if you continue to have problems.

      Om Shanti and wishing you all the best

  • All your blogs are very good …luv to read it and worth practising …feels peaceful and calm thank you …

  • Lakshumanan

    Om shanthi sis I seen all details commentry excellent please can you send me audio commentry thank you so much my whats up no 9742491076

    • Hello Lakshumanan,
      Thank you for your interest.
      You can forward the link of the pages
      Wishing You all the best
      Om Shanti

  • Very beaitiful and powerful music and commentaries!! It helped me during Amritvela! You are amazing !!

  • Dear Sister Aruna,
    You are so great. As soon as meet you, i know you are full of energy. You help me to be motivated to meditate. When i listening your music, I feel very peaceful. Thank you so much.

    Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti


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