Happy New Year!

Posted on 31st Dec 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

As I drove into a parking lot of a mall in Bahrain, I began emitting vibs to be able to find a space near to the main entrance of the mall. I circled once again around the same line of cars… and just then, a car was pulling out. In that moment I rejoiced with those in the car: “See, I always get what I want, I just have to learn to be patient.” And that my dear friends seem to sum up the slow but sure lessons of the decade of 2010!

Since moving back from Vancouver, two years ago, I now spend all of my time working with the Brahma Kumaris: coordinating a meditation centre, presenting talks, conducting courses, facilitating discussions and small get-togethers, meeting people, managing projects, sitting on some committees, running retreats, cooking and travelling. Many extended hours of work and sometimes only managing with 4 or 5 hours of sleep a day for weeks.

Putting in extra time is obligatory for those who hold executive positions and are paid a huge price for it. But what I find most amazing and respectful about this organization and the people who participate in ‘seva’ (self-less service) is that there is no such financial incentive. The word seva implies that I do what I can for you and you do what you can for me and there is no need to exchange money or any other physical currency. The currency of exchange is the pure heart, love, generosity, kindness, compassion, goodwill, care, respect, intention and much more. To bring money in between means it is not seva, but a transaction and that becomes commercial, a bargain, a deal, a contract! When money is involved, as is the case with modern forms of yoga, one loses the taste for spirituality and the spirit of goodwill with which the message is being delivered.

I would like you all to take a moment to consider a world in which there is no exchange of money, only love and seva. How different that world would be — our pursuits, our desires and our motives.

With seva the only real motivation is the joy it brings. There is an internal exhilaration of fulfilling your purpose, of sharing and caring; there is a stress of a different kind that spawns bubbles of happiness; and together with that, there is some unidentifiable power that just keeps you pumping energy all day from 4am til late night; and instead of accepting that ageing means decaying, there is an increased tolerance, endurance and stamina as one pushes their limits and triumphs over sleep, food, climate, aesthetics, and various other challenges.

The two years I spent in Vancouver soul reflecting, journaling, walking, eating, working and meditating, were a time for consolidation, review and reflection; building an inner resolve; reinforcing self respect; and discovering purpose on a completely different level. In the beginning I questioned leaving Vancouver. But for the time being I am glad I have left the comforts of the West Coast, because the lessons being learnt here are comforting the soul on another dimension.

I also find myself seeking perfection in almost everything I do. Sometimes it is seen as a quality and sometimes it gets on people’s nerves! 🙁 On a deeper level of course, the perfection I seek is the work still left to be done on the soul. When I can’t stand the imperfection out there, it’s because it’s mirroring back the imperfection in me. Because the truth is, when I am perfect the world will be perfect too!

Also spending more time in Bahrain again, reminded me of the time when I first arrived here in 1999. So ignorant I was of the social populace, that I carried with me a bunch of chillies and some ginger root for my Indian cuisine… in case! Later to my surprise, I found out that half of the population in Bahrain (and Middle East) is from India and thus every food item is available here including freshly grated Indian coconut, Kerala style (without which they claim not to be able to make the perfect curry!).

The last eleven years in the Middle East have certainly been a major growing curve on every level: physical – my blood is thinned, emotional – I am more self-sufficient, mental – my mind has expanded to embrace all, and spiritual – deeper realizations.

More and more people are being drawn to the art of meditation and participating in our programs and retreats within the Middle East, Europe and India. In July there was a retreat for all those from the Middle East in the Brahma Kumaris Retreat Centre in Oxford. In November we took a group of about 40 people to a retreat in India. In total they amounted to 140 participants including those from Asia. (I love the fact that I am only a three hour flight to India and can easily make frequent trips to the Holy Mountain.)

At this moment in time, the seva I am involved in is a major Middle East Conference: Awakening Your Inner Power and Potential (www.imcbahrain.org). Many have come to help from London, Turkey and Singapore. It is a delight to work with people who have found their passion and purpose! This urgency for seva has brought everyone together and encouraging us to unite and cooperate.

So if the growth curve continues exponentially, then the next ten years should bring even more abundance, joy, fulfilment, friendships and a conquest on an inner level. I live with this wisdom and fact. My mother always used to tell me that the ‘fruits of patience are sweetest!’ So, I shall wait in anticipation for the outcome to continue to unfold. (But God, pleeeease hurry! 🙂 )

I wish all of you to have your own inner place in which you find your peace and joy and perfection. I wish you a few minutes of seva a day to share that secret with others and I wish you abundance and love from all corners.

Much love and a Happy New Year,

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

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That’s a smart way of loikong at the world.