Take Care of Your Karma

Take Care of Your Karma


Our life is limited.  There are a limited number of hours and minutes.  Our birth is known to us, and our end is already fixed.  So it is up to us how we utilize the time in between.  If we waste this time in idling, getting bored and being confused we should realize that we will never get it back.  I am not trying to create stress through a sense of urgency, but at the same time I am asking myself frequently, am I using my time in a worthwhile way or not?

When food is offered to us freely at parties and charities, it is our duty and respect to ensure that that food does not go to waste. We fill our plates full with food and it’s just so easy to throw away half of it. How was that food earned? With hard work and sweat. We need to learn to develop love and respect for the food itself, which comes from mother earth and is being given to me freely.  If I throw that food away, then it not only ends up in the bin, but it also gets added to my karmic debt.  If, however, I take it away and eat it later or pass it onto others who might appreciate it, then I have done a deed of charity.

We also buy a lot of things, not necessarily out of need, but out of boredom!  It’s called retail therapy!  We go to the mall, feel we have the buying power, make the purchase (which makes us feel happy for a few moments) and then the purchased item is put in the cupboard next to all of the other items that we didn’t really need! Instead try other more money saving therapies such as going for a walk in the park. Then you won’t feel the guilt of spending your money away. On the contrary you will have the joy of time, money and energy well spent.

We need to take a look at the quality of our conversations also.  How much time do we waste on gossip and talk about others, and events gone by?  Is it really necessary to repeat those things, or is it better to stop the expansion and be saved from the karmic debt?

I received a beautiful Whatsapp message a few days ago. It stated that the money left over in our bank account at the time of our death represents all of the extra work we did, which we didn’t need to do.  Doesn’t that make total sense?  If we have not managed to put our money to good use, then what was the point of all that hard work?  Who will decide after our death what to do with the money?  Our children?  The government?  The law?  So please take a look at your bank account and see if there is anything worthwhile you would like to do with the extra money. Realise that you are simply delaying doing a good deed. Remember, it is the blessings that will go with the soul when it leaves, not the paper and coins.

At the end of the day, and end of our life, we should feel that we have done all that we wanted to. When the time is up, we want to leave this body not with struggle and regret, but with joy and lightness.

This week, let us look at the amount of waste that goes on in our world and our own lives. Be economical with everything and you will never run out, because you are taking care of your karma!

It’s time… to not waste and to save up your good karma.



© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK




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Dr Angad

Well said sister.
“Let us take good care of our Karma”


Wonderful, not only enjoy reading your article but find reminders and put them in practice while i can. many Thanks.


Thank u Aruna Ji…ur rejuvenating us from ur thought…it’s like giving oil to machine… for better operation…. it’s time to give share expand distribute what we have…
thank u…so much….and congratulations for ur life…

Purnima Bhanderi

Om shanti sister I have learn so many different ways to save money and myself from going in karmic debt.
Thank you very much sister.