Creating Change

Creating Change

Change is not easy, yet we all find that at some point we have to change. If we don’t change with willingness, love, and through understanding, then time will find a way to change us by force. I have seen this with in my own life as well as in the lives of many others.

Change is the only constant. This old cliché could not be any more true than it is now. Our geography is changing as a result of wars, the face of cities are changing fast especially in the Middle East. Technology is improving at an ever-faster rate. Science and medicine are making headways. The world is changing rapidly and if we don’t keep up with our inner change to the same extent and speed, we may become extinct!

Many people believe that to change with the times means to keep up with the latest ‘Gadet or Gizmo’. No. To change with the times means that as that world is changing, so too we need to strengthen ourselves, hone our inner powers and sharpen our spiritual toolkit.   We remain true to ourselves and do not allow ourselves to be pulled into mass consciousness. It also means to keep a healthy distance from the changes themselves so as to not get consumed, affected or overly influenced by them.


It is I that needs to take the step to initiate or respond to change. If I exercise change in my life (of course speaking of positive change) then I am exercising many other mental muscles such as tolerance and patience, determination, conviction, motivation etc. This makes me stronger and all the more powerful to deal with what is going on outside. It equips me to deal with the restlessness, peacelessness, confusion, hatred etc.

Do you not find it a contradiction that at no other point in history have we had so much in terms of opportunity, mobility, technical innovation and just about everything else you can think of, and yet we are the unhappiest? We are discontented and still yearning for more. What is it that we are waiting for? What more do we need?

This week I am in Bahrain helping to plan and organize a very interesting conference. It is entitled Creating Change – One Step Will Change Your Life. It is taking place from 7-9th February in Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Conference is all about navigating the waves and winds of change, discovering how to remain calm amidst chaos, and learning how to guide our thoughts, feelings and actions towards the most positive outcomes.

The ‘Creating Change’ Conference brings together experienced and inspiring international speakers from around the world, and from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom demonstrate the principles of leadership in dealing with changes in different aspects of life.

The program consists of a dynamic mix of lectures, discussions, workshops, panels and meditation experimentation interspersed throughout the day with moments of silence for inner reflection.

The skills and abilities that we will practice and develop in the conference are those qualities that are necessary to create a better future with confidence, happiness and clarity.

Please visit: for more information and to register for the conference.

I would finally say that this conference is a reminder to myself, and to everyone, that we are passing through extremely important and interesting times, and that we are the ones who need to create the change we seek!

More next week…

It’s time… to awaken to the call of change.


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