A Season to Every Reason

A Season to Every Reason

When we go through relationship issues, financial difficulties, or even natural calamities such as earthquakes and wild storms, it would do us good to remind ourselves that everything that happens, happens for a reason.  We may not be able to understand why or be willing to admit it at first, and we may even blame God or the other parties involved, but if we could just calm down and see things with a slightly detached perspective, we would understand the deeper secrets of why it is happening.

As we run from one thing to another, from one action to another, there is no stillness or calm in which to appreciate all the things around us.  Imagine watching a movie whilst you are on the move!  Well I guess many do that these days on their smartphones on the bus or the train. But you get my drift, it would not be enjoyable!  So too, when we are able to stay emotionally still and detached for a few moments from our drama and observe what is happening, we are able to ‘enjoy’ it all.  And that is the key word!  Enjoy!

The reason why we need to remind ourselves that there is a reason to everything, is in order to maintain our joy and happiness.  If we get consumed by negative thinking, or the gloom and doom, there is no benefit and also we fall into a spiral of depression that may take a very long time to come out of.

So, the saying ‘there is a reason to every season’ is not said just for namesake, or as an expression to fool the mind, but truly, if I look deeply enough, there will be some benefit in it for me.  Sometimes we may need to look beyond the layers or our egos and expectations, but eventually we will find that silver lining.

And sure enough these things come in seasons.  Another expression that we often use is that  ‘things always come in threes’.  So for example, if one accident happens, then another two follow.  And that is because once we get the momentum rolling in any direction – negative or positive – we give energy to that track.  So what we are doing in fact is sowing the seeds for our future.

Next time you find yourself giving a reason for something happening, make sure it’s all positive.  And it will certainly become so!

It’s Time… to stay positive and enjoy every moment!


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