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Awakening Inner Power and Potential
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Harmony House in Kuwait conducted a two day Conference entitled ‘Awakening Inner Power and Potential’ from 3-4 Feb 2018 at the Prestigious Regency Hotel.  The Conference was a unique event that gathered together professional speakers and facilitators from around the world who are experts in the field of developing human potential. These two days offered an exceptional opportunity for participants to refresh, renew and recharge.  As well as informative talks, panel discussions and workshops there were moments of reflection interspersed throughout the day to help you assimilate and consolidate. Participants returned with new ideas, new insights, new ways of being, and new ways of approaching life.


The Conference was extremely successful.  It was well organised and managed, and everything ran smoothly and per time.  The 224 registered participants were eager beavers who arrived on time and attended the full two days from 9am til 4:30pm. Participants came from several Gulf Countries such as Saudie Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and majority from Kuwait of course.  They were a fantastic audience; willing to participate, engaging, enthusiastic, several taking arduous notes and very cooperative with the program.

The speakers were outstanding!  Everyone shared meaningful and insightful points and experiences that touched hearts. Thank you for coming and sharing your divine fragrance!

There were several forms of media coverage: TV interviews, Radio Interviews, newspaper announcements both in English and Arabic, Facebook and Instagram was extremely active and we had several hundreds of thousands of hits.  Thanks to ALL who helped to promote the Conference – BLESS YOU and THANK YOU!

Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see you all again in the near future!

Aruna and the Harmony House Team



Special Thanks to all our Sponsors:



Here the faces tell it all in the pictures!


Om Shanti



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