Is it Gold, or just Gold Plated?

Is it Gold, or just Gold plated?

Living in a world that continues to create fake products and present false promises for personal happiness and gain, we need to have the discrimination power to see through the fluff and stuff and to recognize what is real and what is not.  These days the fake can seem more real than the real itself.  This notion does not just apply to items and objects, but also to people, their intentions and relationships.

This is where the opening of the ‘third eye’ is important.  We may see the world with these two eyes, but with the third eye, we are able to look beyond the material.  We are able to understand the intricacies of what is really going on behind the scenes.  The third eye is that intuitive part of ourselves, that inner consciousness, the point of awareness.  Once I have tuned into that third eye, then everything is clear to me and I do not wilt or waiver.

With meditation we are able to polish that vision, very much like having to clean our glasses every time we use them.  As that insight becomes clearer to us, we are able to discriminate between what is right and wrong and good and bad, and then take the better decision.  In this way, we make the right choices for ourselves,  choices that are a fit to our values, principles and conscience.  We need to have strong discernment, otherwise we can easily be fooled by life’s attractions.

For example, food may look tempting on the menu or in the brochure, but afterwards we find it gave us indigestion!  Travel and hotel accommodation looks glamourous and tempting on the net, but when we arrive its full of bugs and cockroaches, and the service is poor.  People look beautiful on the dating site, but when you meet them, they are nothing like they claim to be.  Fruits look attractive in the aisles of the supermarkest, but when you take a bite it’s not sweet or tasty!  Our life is full of such surprises.

I am not suggesting that we have a mistrusting and pessimistic attitude to everything, but instead to be pragmatic and realistic.  ‘All that glitters is not gold’ is a proverb to be heeded, and we should not set ourselves up for disappointment.  We should be wise and prepared in advance for the  shock waves.

The problem is that we are so thirsty for more adventure and gain (greed) and so eager to posess (attachment) and so stubborn (ego) that even when the drama of life is showing us lessons we resist and we do not learn.  It is only when we are forced through pain or other irresistible means to stop, that we then look and listen through the third eye and ear.

When we are not seeing through the third eye, and cannot differentiate between that which is real gold or that which is just gold plated, then we get disappointed, confused, take sorrow from everything and become weak.

Thus, it would be wise to use the ‘third eye’ of knowledge and discrimination, and not allow ourselves to be fooled.

It’s Time… to use the eye of knowledge and save ourself from the perils of all illusions.

© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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One Response to “Is it Gold, or just Gold Plated?”

  • Purnima Bhanderi

    By wearing constant third eye glasses life becomes easy to deal with situations and people thanks Arunabehn 🙏


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