Resist and it Persists

Resist and it Persists

We may plan our life, but life often doesn’t co-operate as we hope it will! Our lives do not always go the way we envision them, usually much to our disappointment or dismay.

We are often so fixated on our desired outcome, that, even when life tries to point us at something else, something better, we may still brush the other option aside. We are going against the tide and just can’t seem to make it work the way we want it to. We may even get angry and frustrated. We lose power and hope. Restlessness and despair sets in. Then we wonder what just happened! Well, it’s called resistance!

When we resist what life is trying to show or teach us, then it will persist until we learn the lesson. Have you ever changed your department or your job because there was a person in your last one that you just couldn’t get along with, only to find that the same thing happened in the next job? It means we didn’t learn the lesson that the universe was trying to teach us! Because life is greater and it knows what it is that we need to learn and discover, and what is ultimately the best thing for us. Life is doing us a favour by standing by us, helping us to grow and expand, yet we can see it as a disloyal opponent waiting to knock us down. We do not have enough faith to trust life and follow the signals, instead we oppose and reject its efforts.

To resist life’s lessons means to go against the current. When we try to paddle upstream, it is always harder than going with the flow.  As much as we make progress, the river pushes us back down just as much.

So how do we know when to push for something, or when to give in to it and go with the flow?  When achieving our desired target becomes a big struggle and all energies appear to be against us, then we need to think twice.  When things are smooth and flowing and everyone is on board and offering their blessings to our project, when it ‘feels’ right and easy, then we can say that the energies are flowing and we are heading in the right direction.

The way to find out if we are resisting the natural flow, and therefore making life harder for ourselves than we need to, is to look at ourselves deeply, at the level of the soul, on a daily basis. Be real and honest with the self and do not hide things under the carpet! Address the fears or limiting beliefs around the issues. As we become more aware we are more able to deal with our reactions, fears and irritations on a daily basis. We understand ourselves better and are able to stay a step ahead and conquer the weaknesses before they conquer us.

A life with out self-reflection is only half a life. How can I possibly give all my time and resources to things ‘out there’, and yet not even a moment to myself, in here? If I can befriend myself, I will be a better human being, and a better friend to those around me. I can guide myself by myself, without needing anyone else to show me.

So next time you suspect that life is trying to show you something, stop, look and listen carefully. ‘Life’ only has our best interests at heart, and it may serve us well to listen. But, like a good friend, if we resist the first time, it will persist until we learn our lesson!

It’s Time… to listen to life and learn from her kind-hearted signals. Remember if you resist, it will persist.





© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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