Return Ticket

Return Ticket

When we come into this world, we do so with the time of our departure already ordained.  Whether we realise it or not, we all came with a return ticket.  Now the question is what is our next destination, and with what ‘bank balance’ will we be leaving?

We often live our lives in this world as though we will be here forever, so we may not give so much attention to our legacy.  However, we are all guests in this world. And when someone is a good guest, they simply have to respect the place he has arrived in, enjoy it while they are there, and not leave it in a worse condition than they found it.

‘Guest’ means that nothing belongs to us, and in a spiritual sense that means practicing a certain level of detachment. When we hire a holiday home, hopefully all conveniences are there for us to use such as the pots and pans, the bath towels, dining facilities, etc.  When we leave we don’t say, well, I think I will hold onto these things!  We understand they belong to the house, and everything will need to be left behind in as good an order as possible.  The same applies to the soul, it is a guest in the world, and one day we will need to leave everything behind, ‘in a good an order as possible’.

To be a good guest means that we need to settle our unfinished business before we go. Unlike the holiday home guest, we don’t usually know our date of departure, so we need to tidy up as we go along. That means to throw out the ‘trash’ every so often and put things in order, especially in relationships.

Sometimes words cannot resolve disputes, but love and light certainly can. We need to own our 50% or more, only then will ‘settlement’ take place.  If we are constantly blaming the other for what we are feeling or where we are at, then it may be likely that we are creating karma rather than settling it.  Be honest and accept the karmic web you have created, and have the courage to look at the self and see what repair work needs to be done.


Remain light.  Hold on to as few objects as possible and few tensions as possible. Travel light through life and, if we don’t have much weight to carry, we will not be stressed at the point of our departure.

We can save ourselves from a lot of sorrow and suffering if we don’t have too many attachments.  Let go of mental attachment – the things that can trap us, otherwise we may not be able to finish the unfinished! ’No attachments’ means we can remain light and relaxed and ever ready.

We often hear of the carbon footprint, but what about the soul footprint? What imprints are we leaving in this world?

Accepting that we only have a limited time in this world should encourage us to want to leave behind a good memorial. We would all like to be remembered fondly, as a person of outstanding qualities, values and integrity amongst other things. We would like to make our positive mark in the world, so we need to make sure that every day is an example to others.

‘Return Ticket’ is about being aware that we will not be here in this body forever. When we travel, the date of our departure is always in our mind and we work around that date with regard to our sightseeing and shopping plans.  So too, we constantly need to have the thought on the back burner of our mind that at some point we will be returning home.  We may not know the date, but we do need to be mentally prepared.

So now ask yourself, where are you headed, what is your next destination?  Normally, if it’s a sunny destination, you pack light things, if it’s Greenland, you would pack your woolies.  So too, if we have an idea of what we would like to attract after life, we need to begin ‘packing’ for that now.

Change is always good.  Remember, it’s good to be here and also good to be over there!  Therefore death should not be seen as a strange event.  Know that everything is simply an adventure, if you just put your mind to it and choose to see it in that way.

It’s time… to remember the return ticket. Be ready to leave everything in good order, and also prepare yourself. Are you ready for the adventure ahead?!


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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8 Responses to “Return Ticket”


    yes, Very much ready for the adventure ahead.
    You opened our third eye. So every change is a great fun, hope.
    Thanks lot Aruna didi for writing great eye openers.

  • James milne

    Hi Aruna,
    You say in your post to begin packing for our next lives, I get confused with this as when we do pass over and are born again we never remember what we did in our past lives unless we seek out a professional in this area and have this info unlocked. is our memories not cleansed when we do pass ?

    • Hello James,
      Sorry for the delay in replying, was travelling.
      No our memory is not cleansed completely.
      We carry forward certain personality traits which are called sanskars in Hindi, these are habits we have developed over and over again. Which is why twins can both have different personalities.
      We need to forget details, so we can have a new start, but we carry over these traits in the soul, which is what makes each of us so unique.
      Our choice of actions creates our sanskars.

      Hope this helps
      Om shanti

  • kanika Arora

    you write amazing articles, keep up the good work. I feel very energetic post reading them.


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