Follow Your Dream

Follow Your Dream

We often hear the saying, ‘Follow Your Dream’ but how many of us actually do it!  Very often when we begin to even ponder on that thought, insecurity and fear sets in.  We start ‘dreaming’ instead of all the things that could possibly go wrong and the reasons why and how the dream would not unfold into reality!  Very few have the courage to take the risks involved but those who really dare to not only dream big, but also follow that dream with inspired action, often create something very special.

Today I want to applaud/celebrate one such individual, – Mr Devkant Sangwan, a friend and family member. A graduate from Law school, he is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries, which is quite an achievement if you happen to live in India.

Devkant, in 2004 during one of his many travels, visited the ‘Valley of Flowers’ in India. He fell so deeply in love with the place, he immediately decided to spend a greater part of his life there. He now calls it his second wife (luckily the first wife is not jealous!).


The Valley of Flowers National Park is situated in Uttarakhand, a State in north India alongside the Himalayan Range.  The area is often referred to as ‘Devbhumi’ (‘Land of Gods’) due to the many Hindu temples and pilgrimage places found throughout the State.  The Valley is famous for its stunning landscapes and fauna, in particular the strikingly beautiful meadows of alpine flowers. This richly diverse area is also home to rare and endangered animals and birds.  The special habitat has been part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2004. Situated between 3352 and 3658 meters above sea level, this tender, colourful and gentle landscape complements and contrasts with the rugged mountains to the East.

Devkant, innovative and bold and forward thinking as always, left his lucrative law business in 2010 to embark upon unchartered territory – that of promoting trekking holiday packages to the Valley of Flowers. The passion that he infused into his business helped it to grow from strength to strength, but the business aspect is secondary; as a kind and generous human being, Devkant genuinely wants everyone to share in the experience of the natural awe-inspiring, beauty and serenity of this part of the world. Or, you could say: he wants to show off his new wife!


So the message is loud and clear: dare to dream, go for what you want, take some risks, and you may just end up living your dream!

There is an inscription I have on a plaque in my home which reads ‘Footprints in history were not made by sitting down’.  So get up. get going… and follow that dream!

Wishing Devkant all the best in his future endeavours.

As from 2017, Devkant has his own newly constructed huts for rentals.  You can visit his company website and blog for more info or bookings: http://www.valleyofflowers.info





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One Response to “Follow Your Dream”

  • Viannie

    Wonderful! Congrats Devkantbhaiji! Still yet to visit the Valley but surely inspired to do so one day soon and very inspiring story you’ve dare to dream.


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