It’s Just a Drama

It’s Just a Drama

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We seem to have been watching plays, dramas, and now movies… since like forever!  We enjoy being entertained, sometimes even at the expense of someone’s character!  Yet what are always the main characteristics of a great or enjoyable drama?  There are always two sides, the good side vs the bad… even if there are three parties involved, one of them ends up joining the other and then it becomes two.

Whether it is the great epics of the Mahabharata or the Ramayana, where there were the Pandavs vs the Kauravs; or Rama vs Ravan; Snow White vs the Wicked Witch; or in the Lord of the Rings where there is Frodo vs Sauron and so on and on…  The drama always consists of a play of opposites, therein lies the tension and plot, together with the scenery, lights, characters and then of course the dialogue and action.  Why do we so love watching dramas?  Perhaps it is because they become a vehicle for us to see a microcosm of life. These staged events serve to reflect something of our personal lives, as we see expressed our own inner dramas and emotions of life played by actors on the stage.

How can a play be interesting if there is only one side, living happily ever after… how can a hero actor emerge if there is nothing to conquer or prove?  How can the movie possibly be stimulating, creating excitement, and anticipation as we await more unravelling of the drama?  Thus, to conquer the boredom and monotony there are always the protagonist’s vs the antagonists. It is this tension between the two opposites that drives the plot, this creates the element of drama.

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Now let’s take a little look at our own dramas.  We want there to be just the good, with no element of anything not so good.  We want consistency which may over time become monotony… and boredom.  Is that what we really want?  Be honest.  Do we really want no challenges or confrontations in our life?  No tests or trials?   Is it not precisely within the tension points that we test our own mettle so to speak?

Regarding boredom, people can be bored anyway, even if there are a lot of dramas in one’s life or none!  So, one cannot really say that life is boring.  Boredom is an attitude; it is a state of mind, it is not a fact.  So, when people tell me, “I am bored.”  I don’t take them seriously because in my opinion there is so much on offer from the world, one has no time to get bored!  Perhaps, one lacks motivation or is it simply… dare I say it?  More to do with laziness!  In our so much press button and on demand world, with instant, pretty well… everything.  Has this not made us a little lazy in making effort ourselves and appreciating the fruit of our own labours?  We get things quickly with an Amazon this or that or dial a pizza, but how much are we really satisfied with what we receive?  Even when we eat, we tick the box of food ingested, we have topped up our energy tank, but was that food really nourishing in a spiritual sense?  Or do we feel that there is still something lacking?  This does not just apply to our food, but in general to our whole lives.

Back to our lives… let’s be realistic.  When we are full to capacity, then we can handle everything that comes our way.  When we are full of all virtues and powers, then we can give and nourish others and need not worry about our own self, because we know we can always top up, there is no sense of lack or neediness.  It’s when we are weak and empty that we don’t want to be hurt further.  We don’t want to make effort.  We tell the other soldier on this battlefield of life, not in words but with our vibrations, “Please do not attack me, I am already down and wounded.”  Therefore, we lay down our weapons and accept defeat.  We stop playing this game of life.

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There is a story of how the small ant made the elephant go mad.  We would think that the big elephant could finish the ant with one stomp of his foot and squish!  But no, look the ant, although being small managed to climb up and into the elephant’s ear, and this was how the ant made the elephant crazy.  So we have to pay attention to the little things.  If we are honest it is not so much the big things of life that affect us, often it is the small things that make us go crazy.  Let us stay stable, unshakeable and not allow small things to get to us.

Sometimes we want our part to be like someone else’s part.  We want to live in another’s shoes… We want what they have, but then we have to accept the whole package… that is not only the big house and handsome husband, but the cancer and the traumatic childhood etc.  We simply cannot compare ourselves with others.  In this world drama, no two people have the same part.  No two souls can be the same.

When we go to the gym look what do we do?  We jump onto those exercise machines and start to work out.  We are stretching our muscles to increase their strength.  We don’t go to the gym to put on weight, but to become healthy and lose weight.  We go for the workout to feel fitter and more agile.  Therefore, we have an aim to become better and healthier, and we are really looking at some form of positive growth. Same too with life, let us grow from our dramas.

Image by Stalin Choudhuri from Pixabay

We live in a world of balance, the yin and yang, up and down, darkness and light, of pull and push, just like our muscles that expand and contract.  The body operates not on a system of control and conflict but co-operation and harmony.  Don’t resist… if you do ‘it’ will persist.  Our job is to always find the balance.

So too in life, when we find ourselves in a state of imbalance that is the signal to us.  Just as when we fall sick; have a cold or flu, we have to take rest… and reflect too if we are able to! We have to reset ourselves back to balance, to come into alignment with our original programme of love, peace and happiness.  Being guided by our intuition and natural wisdom of the soul, that is our true soul power.  In life with every challenge that we meet we have a choice to exercise a virtue or a vice.  Your call.  Which one will you choose?

It’s Time… to create a life where we are happy to be the hero actors in our own drama.

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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