Nature’s Wisdom

Nature’s Wisdom

Image by Sathish kumar Periyasamy from Pixabay

Remember that Nature has all the secrets.  When scientists have the humility to ask the right questions, with the right intention and with a view to understand and not to control… then Nature reveals Her secrets.

Mother Nature knows best. Look at the natural body clock.  We live in a biological hormonal system. The body is stimulated by light, this is how the melatonin gets switched on and off, taking us into different states of sleep and wakefulness.  That’s why people who are connected to the land, like the traditional farmers and indigenous peoples know how much healing the soul and body receive when they are in harmony with Nature, when we are earthed so to speak.

“If you only say one prayer in a day make it: Thank you.”


These people are naturally working with the energy frequencies of the soul and Nature.  We have a natural relationship with matter, we are soul and body combined.  The soul is eternal, matter is temporary and changing, by practicing early morning meditation and silence this can help us to come back into alignment, to re-set our inner balance.  You see, as we wake up early to meditate, we are syncing our body clock with the clock of Nature.

The birds naturally awaken around 4:00-5:00 am and begin “singing”.  The roosters are cock-a-doodle-doodling first thing in the morning.  So we can visibly see and hear Nature awakening.  All of Nature’s living creatures have the power to accommodate.  It is only we humans that are irritated by these noises, simply because we are the ones out of step with Nature’s rhythm.  If we slept early and awoke early, we would indeed be fascinated by all the beauty and sounds of Nature around us.

When we meet other people during the day we encounter lots of discordant energies, and these may not be on our frequency.  Each soul has their own individual thinking patterns, and our sanskaras, our personality habits, are many.  Our thought energies are transmitted at a vibrational level, and every one of us is affected by those vibrations.  This is why it is important to take time out during the day to re-balance ourselves through meditation, silence or prayer, so that way we become grounded again.

Image by scott payne from Pixabay

The ancient people could track their journey according to the stars!  By the position of the Sun they would know what time of day it was.  Here we are in our high-techie world, and without our gadgets or timepieces, we are totally lost, disconnected from Nature because we have forgotten how to use our internal Sat-Nav!

It is so important to keep the waking state and sleep time in balance, when we do not do this then the body falls sick.  The ancient yogis and mystics knew the value of rising with the sun and sleeping when the sun went down.  In fact, they knew that when we harmonised our natural rhythms it was more efficient for the maintenance and repair of the body.

Everything in Nature is subject to the powerful energy changes from light to darkness.  From the rising and setting of the sun and the magnetic pull of the moon.  The perfect yin and yang of health depends on the fine balance of Nature, between soul and body, which we call perfect health.  Any imbalance within the soul will manifest as an illness in the body.

The Earth laughs in flowers.

Ralf Waldo Emerson

In the East, both Indian and Chinese natural medicine doctors know how the body works with Nature’s cycles, they work from the inside out.  Spirit to matter.  From the Western perspective, science works from the outside in.  One approach has a holistic vision of health, and the other creates separation and departments.  The wise healer knows that everything is connected.  So, if we want to be well, we have to treat the whole person, not just some part of them as an illness in isolation because then full healing cannot take place.

Right beside a plant that is prickly, there will be a remedy in the form of another plant that will be growing nearby!  So Nature may scratch us but will also provide a method of healing.  On another note, flowers have nectar, and it’s not just for humans to stick that fragrance in a vase at home, but for the flowers to attract bees so they can pollinate.

Image by Simon from Pixabay

High tides and low tides are not just fun to look at, they balance the weather patterns.  They nourish the sea creatures that inhabit the tidal zones.  Every creature is part and parcel of not just the food chain, but they add their ‘donation’ to the cultivation of Mother Earth, which is all part of the biosphere.

Some birds mate for life, this is not Nature’s romance, but rather for practical reasons.  Certain birds and creatures only produce one brood of chicks a year and so they take longer to incubate and grow, which will need the responsibility of both parents…   Humanity take note!  Just because we do not know many things, does not mean it’s all wrong or insignificant.  As we educate ourselves more we can come to truly respect the beauty and power of Nature.  The ego of man is such that he thinks science can do better and can replace not only Nature but God too.

The yogis and ancient mystics, our wise elders had a greater sense of the bigger picture of the Universe.  There were definite reasons why the yogis would meditate and pray between 2:00-5:00 am.  This actually had something to do with the Earth’s alignment to the planets and stars, and this helped to create that geo-spiritual resonance.  Every planet has its place in the constellation.

Nature is not a place to visit… it is our home, our asset to preserve

Of course the yogis and mystics would not call what they did a science, but there was really a good reason for the specific timing of those rituals.  For example the hatha yogis greeted the day with their postures starting with the beautiful: “Salutations to the Sun…”  Obviously the best time to say good morning to God, the Universe and Nature would be first thing in the morning; when the vibrations are high and that pure golden globe rises on the horizon to grace us with another day.  As they folded their palms, they pressed on all pressure points triggering new blood around the body.

Let’s look at Chinese Medicine.  The doctors there are fully aware of the circadian rhythms and how to best work with Nature.  In the 24 hour body clock, each time of day corresponds to the time every organ is activated and working at its best.  Again working with the optimum time when the different organs will work well for health and healing.  In India, Ayurveda would work in a similar way with the doshas, known as kapha, pitta and vatta, where they relate to different body types.  Here the Ayurvedic doctor would check your metabolism, pulse, and the body rhythms etc., to create your personal path to healing and help to restore your energy balance.

Image by Simon from Pixabay

Nature will outsmart us all in the end… there are so many living organisms… So do not underestimate Nature.  She will always be here and find a way to survive even when we have long gone.  Why?  Because Nature works holistically and in unison with the five elements, with the earth, air, water, fire and ether.  Humans… well we lose our way when we think in terms of isolation.  In fact we can only survive when we co-operate and work together.

Look our very name is humankind.  What happened to the “kind” part?  When we are merely human and dis-connected from each other and Nature, but we are not kind, then we will be damned by our own foolish thinking.

It’s Time… to tune back into the rhythms and wisdom of Nature.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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