Exploring and Connecting with Our World

Exploring and Connecting with Our World


Everything in life speaks to us in some way or the other, it signals us towards something.  I heard a poem in Hindi this morning in which the poet was speaking about our relationship with things.  He said: the clock reminds us to use every minute wisely; the windows help us to see a little into the distance; the walls to stand tall; and the ceiling to always look up to God.

Let us continue this theme a little further.

When we see a signpost, especially those multiple ones, let us ask our self where we might be on the journey of life? Do we know where we are headed?  Do we know where we have been?  How many options do we have? When and where do we need to make a turn?

When we see some steps or a stairwell, let us ask our self: How high are we willing to go?  Is life all uphill for us?  Is it hard work, or is it like water, flowing easily? And remember its always one step at a time.  Once a hiker gave advice to a new and inexperienced climber.  He said: “The best way to climb was by pushing up from the back foot and not to try and rise with the first foot forward.”  Try it and see. This is also how our understanding of the experience of life can help to motivate us to move forward.

When looking at portraits of people in a house or gallery, let us look into their eyes and feel their journey however good or bad.  What will our own portrait look like? What story do we want our eyes to tell?  What legacy are we leaving behind?  If the person is a yogi or wise sage, then take inspiration from their wrinkles and smiles.  If the person was a bandit, then wish them well for their onward journey.

Birds are amazing.  They are little creatures that do very little harm and they bring sweet music into our lives.  Sit and close your eyes and listen to the birds sing, especially in the morning.  They are having their morning meeting, we hear them as they congregate with the rising sun.

When walking in the garden, take your shoes off, even if it has been raining and walk on the bare Earth.  Get grounded.  Feel the Earth energy.  Breathe in deeply.  Think how important all these connections are in our life, especially if we live in a big town or city, because it can feel like a concrete jungle.

When walking past trees, take time to stop and hug them.  Feel the energy and life-force of the trees.  How old is that tree and yet how wise it is.  The tree exists to serve: it gives shelter and provides oxygen for us.  How are we like the tree?  Feel the bark, the texture, feel the personality of the tree.  Now look up through the branches and leaves, what is the feeling and what are the patterns? How and what is being signalled to us? What is the tree saying to us?

When we see a flower and rock garden, let us admire the contrast of the solid stones with the delicate flowers and appreciate how harmoniously they live together.  Each one complements the other. It is not a question of being one or the other, but both. Touch and smell the flowers; experience how beautiful they are; notice their intricate detail. Everything on Earth is created for an experience of pleasure. All of Nature co-operates and works together in perfection. Feel the wonder of creation, feel grateful for the beauty, with respect for all of Nature including ourselves and our own part within it.

Whilst up on a hill or mountain, it is good to observe the scenes around us. Look up at the sky. Notice the clouds and feel their lightness. Look at the mountains, feel the powerful quality of them. We too can be like them. Whatever we think, we can be.  Breathe in the air. Listen to the sounds. How many can be heard?  What feelings do these scenes and sounds evoke in us?  How wonderful is God’s creation!


It is part of the eternal journey of life. Once we were down there, and now we are up here, then tomorrow we will be down there again… such is the circle of life! There is always movement and flow, there is always change, and without change there would be stagnation.

Try walking in a labyrinth.  Notice how people appear and disappear. Life is like a cycle, people come, people go, situations come and go, but life keeps moving on.  When something disappears, it is always to make way for something new.  If others were walking on the same circle, at times, they would appear to be walking against us or in the opposite direction to us… but they are on the same path, right?  We were once where they are now or vice versa.  Sometimes the road may not be direct, there may be some twists and turns, but at least we know that we are on the path!  So, we really do need to drop the judgements, we need to allow other souls to make their choices in life and learn their own lessons in their own time.

When was the last time you sat on a swing?  Try it and see.  Become a child once again.  Renounce the ego’s wanting to look right and not silly.  The swing teaches us to swing and ‘be’ in the present of the now moment.  To just happily ‘be’, beyond time and worries, and to just let go.

Let us appreciate all the signs, symbols and synchronicity that life has to offer us on this amazing journey. It is good to learn to enjoy all the different aspects of our journey.  Explore and connect with the world, but at the same time become attached to nothing in the world.  All is passing.  Even we are passing…

It’s Time… to listen more to nature’s sweet, subtle and silent language.  We can learn a lot from the messages of Nature, if we dare to stop and  listen.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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6 Responses to “Exploring and Connecting with Our World”

  • Claudia-Ann Raumann Manez

    Om Shanti Chere Aruna Bhen !*
    Merci for the Natures’ Song***……
    The Art Of Forest Bathing Shinrin-Yoku (Japan) is Very Beneficial for Body, Mind & Soul !*****
    A Bientot
    IBY Namaste
    Cheers from VanTown BC…..

  • Patricia Riesenkampff

    Dearest Aruna,
    Namaste and thank you for the inspiration,clarity and love of this insightful sharing.
    Dear Rajesh has been my most spiritual companion since we all had the Grace to be sitting together in Dubai for dinner on the opening night of the Happiness Congress in March of 2018.
    I will reconnect with Sister Suresh here in Frankfurt.
    Our merciful Creator has taken again all of my human fear away. Such liberation! Such joy! Such mercy! Such gratitude!
    Trusting to meet you in this lifetime again,perhaps next year either in Dubai or on Mt.Abu.
    Much love & light,dearest Soul.

  • Suresh Tulsiani

    Thank you Sister for helping me increase Awareness. I love all your blog posts.


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