Shine Your Inner Light – Happy Diwali

Shine Your Inner Light – Happy Diwali


There is a famous and beautiful story about a king.  The king was asked by a traveler how he was able to run his kingdom so peacefully without attachment, worry or concern.  The king then invited the traveler to come and see his kingdom.  Before the young man set off the king gave the young man an ignited deepak, (a flame in a small clay pot).  The king also had one condition.  He gave instructions to the young man that as he walked through the palace he must ensure that no matter what, the flame should not go out.

At the close of the day, and at the end of the tour, the tired traveler returned.  The king enquired about how his day had been and what he had seen.  The man exclaimed: “Nothing!”

“But why was that?” asked the king.

“Well, I was too busy ensuring the candle would not blow out.” Replied the man.

“Ah,” said the king.  “And that is the secret to running my own kingdom.  I am so busy ensuring that my inner light does not extinguish.  So, I am not entangled by attachments and in the beauty of my surroundings.”

This was the king’s secret… he ensured the light of his consciousness did not become extinguished; this allowed him to stay unaffected by the many scenes ‘outside’.  He revealed that while he sees everything he is impressed by nothing, thus he does not get caught up or become engrossed in mundane things and duties!  In this way the king was able to give more of his positive self.  Therefore, his people were happy and this harmony was the oil that helped for the smooth running of his inner and outer kingdom.

The method of meditation is quite similar.  We need not try pushing away the outer world, just as it is impossible to push out the darkness.  But we can certainly focus on staying calm and peaceful, in other words, ensuring that our inner light does not blow out or ‘blow up’ as the case may be!

As we celebrate Diwali this year, the festival of lights, let it be with that awareness of lighting up our inner light and ensuring it stays lit!  We will find that our light has blown out when we have given away our power to situations; when we complain; take sorrow and when we get upset and moody.  Our light remains lit when we stay happy, light and flexible, humorous, loving, carefree, easy and content.


There are so many challenges and storms that come during our lifetime which try to blow out our light!  Those storms come to all of us at different times in our life.  But it is the one who is able to weather those storms and still keeps a smile on their face that we can call an enlightened soul who gains victory as the storms pass.

We may light those deepaks, but would it not be lovely to light up someone’s life with good wishes and pure feelings.  There is no better gift that we can give than to send pure, good wishes from the heart to our loved ones, friends and to the world.

For a person on a spiritual path the daily practice of ‘soul consciousness’ is a must.  Spiritual beings focus on soul matters, meaning that they care more about what goes on inside their spirit than the outer world of costumes, dress and distractions.  They know that when their inner light is stable and focused they can affect the outer world for positive change.

Soul consciousness means to be in the light.  A graceful and easy spirit radiates a light and vibrant energy which expresses a latent and profound wisdom from within.  ‘Enlightenment’ is the realization that everything around us is a vibrating energy. The physical world is an expression of energy; our consciousness is a subtle energy too and the inter-play between them creates an interesting woven tapestry we call life.

Life can also be likened to light; a living light. When the light is seen to go off, the spirit flies away and the body no longer has any attraction.  It is deemed lifeless, yet it is the body that is dead, not the inner light.  The spiritual inner light does not die.

Virtue lightens up the soul; absence of virtue is absence of light and it is then that darkness takes over in the form of vice. Coming into the light means stepping out of the shadow of illusion; fear, ego, blame, guilt and sorrow as we step into the eternal moment of lightness and virtue.

When we learn to master our thoughts and feelings, we become in-charge of the voltage and the current of our inner light. Joy, peace and love radiate as a powerful and positive energy.  Then we realize in that moment that we have the power to affect and influence everything around us just like the sun.  We become light-workers as we spread light into the world.


Coming into the light means connecting with the Divine, the Supreme Light, in a realm of light beyond time, space, theories and philosophies.  We can call this timeless zone our home of light.  This dimension of pure light energy which exists beyond is sometimes known as Nirvana.

A kingdom without light is a kingdom of darkness!!  Step into the light of virtue. Become a light-worker, and begin spreading light and love all around.

It’s Time… to practice running our inner kingdom with our soul fully illuminated and ‘turned on’.  Continue to return to soul consciousness through-out the day and you will begin to radiate a different light energy.  Let your inner light shine.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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