Beware of Deception

Beware of Deception

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Today, we watch the media and the soap dramas, and there we are presented with lies, deception and fake-ness everywhere.  It seems to be the norm.  That is something we need to question right at the start.  Everything from fake news, fake relationships, fake produce, fake business…   What is not fake nowadays?  What can we rely on?

Deception and the fake seems to be everywhere we go.  When we buy flowers, they are not all as fresh as they look.  When we buy oranges in crates or Medjool dates in boxes, often the big and best ones are at the top and at the bottom are the small and unhealthy ones.  When we get into a taxi some of the metres are misleading and fixed… One day I complained to the taxi guy… and then his reply was: “Pay as you normally pay.”  Which meant he knows he is cheating me and couldn’t get away with it!

On another note, are we being cheated by the pharmaceutical companies?  Do they intentionally create the viruses and diseases so that we feel the need to buy their drugs!?  Is this a form of licenced addiction?  In the end the question is: Does it really pay to deceive others?

Deception is an act or a statement which hides the truth intentionally for personal gain or advantage.  So, for example there could be a sign that says:  “Buy one and…  Get one free…”   But then as you get closer, they tell you to read the fine print… and then you find out that was not what they meant at all!

When we lie to deceive, then it gets us nowhere!  Every lie told just simply creates more distrust in humanity.  As my mother often said, this is just ‘false economy’.  Because we are unlikely to trust that cab company again; we are unlikely to go to that store ever again for the oranges; and we will certainly choose our Medjool dates one by one…  probably somewhere else.  So, really it is not profitable.

As I began to write about deception this morning… I came across this article from the BBC about lying.  It covers everything I kind of wanted to say… and so I have attached the link.

In fact research found that we all lie several times a day. From small lies to big ones… we tell someone who asks about our health that: “We are ok…” when we are not.  We tell someone they look lovely in that new dress when inside we are feeling: “Yuck!  I would not have that hair cut or wear red!”


We can also deceive ourselves.  This can be a dangerous place to be, if we are not truly honest with ourselves.  Self-respect is the key to truth and trust.  If I have an ample supply of self-respect, then I will not be afraid of telling the truth.  I can speak the truth tactfully, and must be considerate of the feelings of others.  I have to be clear on my intentions.  If I lack self-respect, I am likely to lie to my mother, my wife or husband, to my children… for fear of what they will think of me.  If I am not feeling good about myself, if I am lacking self-respect then this will spill over into other areas of my life and my relationships will suffer.

Trust and honesty are the bedrock of a healthy individual, family, society, culture, nation and the world.  And we have to begin now.  That means at every moment we have to be honest.  As honest as possible without hurting another.  And definitely not to deceive.

You may remember the story of the ‘Widow’s Mite’ from the Gospels of Mark and Luke.  Master Jesus taught that there was more power in the widow’s mite rather than the centurion’s big donation.  Why?  This was because of the purity of the widow’s heart compared to all the show and big money given by the Roman soldier.  A mite at that time was worth less than a penny, so was of no real monetary value in itself, but the power of her love and the intention in her offering from the heart made the donation powerful and worthy.  The soldier’s donation had a lot of ego attached to it, and also how pure was the source of his earnings?

If I earn a penny by deceiving another, that will never be blessed money. I will not sleep well at night.  I will be sick from using that money.  I will not be as happy as I could have been by earning that money!  These are all the signs that there is deception in my actions.

It’s Time… to first of all be honest with our own self.  If we are lying to our self, then how can we be honest with anyone else?

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels


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