Book Your Life… Place Your Order in Advance

Book Your Life… Place Your Order in Advance


When it comes to having dinner at the restaurant then you always book a table in advance.  When it comes to travelling by plane, you also need to reserve your seat and buy your ticket in advance.  So how about reserving the life that you want… in advance?

When we win the lottery J or get a promotion or a bonus from work, then we accept it immediately.  We simply assume: “YES, OF COURSE!  THAT’S ME!”  And yet when we have a car accident, or break a leg or lose our wallet, we seem to question: “WHY ME?”  Yet, we fail to realize that both have come to us at our request.

We have talked about this frequently in my articles, but today I want to focus more on the aspect of getting clear on what it is we want in life and then to order it from the Spiritual Amazon of the Universe.  Literally, we just have to place our order and await the delivery from the Universe.

How can we do this?  How does it work?  The way we do this is by sitting in silence and solitude and listening to our conscience.  Sadly, over time our conscience has been muffled.  It very often wants to speak to us, but we allow the outer forces of public opinion; wanting to be with the clique; wanting to belong so badly etc., and all these things just get in the way of listening to our own inner voice.  This is the voice of truth that comes from our conscience.

Once we have clarity of what it is we want in life then we can start ordering it.  Which means giving that thought the water of our energy of attention first thing when we wake up.  Of course, the earlier we get up the better, because like with watering the plants at home, if we water them in the middle of the day they do more damage than good.  Watering the soul every morning first thing will ensure that this becomes our bedrock foundation for the day.  It is true to say that our foundation, our aim and purpose in everything will be centred upon whatever we give attention to, and what we focus our mind upon first thing in the morning.

This is when we also start speaking positive language, and in the present tense, as though that thing has already happened.  For example; “I see the success; I smell it; I can even taste it!  I feel myself happy and joyful.  Yes, it is already here!  I claim it in the now moment.”


Very often the people who get what they want are those who believe they deserve it.  They do not entertain any thought of waste or worry.  They do not create thoughts that are in contradiction to their aim.  Believe it or not this is why Donald Trump and many other successful business people are so successful, because they only have a single point of focus and do not create any contradictory energies in their mind.  In other words they are not of two minds, there is no doubt, there are no thoughts of things being any other way than what they want.  Do you remember when Donald Trump was in the race for the election for president?  He only spoke in the present and the positive, and in the now.  “You are going to love President Trump!”  Long before he was even elected!!  Is that confidence or what?

So now begin to enhance your sense of self-worth and start believing that you are deserving of whatever it is that you require.  When you ordered that train or plane ticket, you did it knowing that you had the means to pay for it.  So too, whatever life you want to create, you have to believe that you have the means to create it and have that too.  It is not a big deal.  It is just that we have not taken time to practice thinking in this way.  Our programmes generally include fear, anxiety, lacking confidence, low self-esteem and self-doubt and so on.  But each one of us can change our thinking which will change the patterns and pathways of our life.

In fact, if you order something, that dinner, airplane seat etc., and someone tried to deprive you of it, then you would say: “HELLO!?  I ordered that and I deserve it to be delivered to me!”  We would question why we had not received our order.  But, when our mind-set is set towards the negative, we do not question why we didn’t get that thing so much, we kind of accept that as being normal.  What a difference in outlook and attitude!!

What perhaps helps us to understand this whole theory is if we stop and look back for a few moments.  Would you not say that what you have now is what you ordered a while back?  However long back you may need to go.  Just check.  So, it is fair to say that we will only get in the future what we are ordering now?  So, it is better to order things from the Universe with the right consciousness rather than from our sub-conscious, because we are likely to be served exactly what we ordered. It just depends if we are happy with what we get.


As with all meals, if we are too late, then we are served the crumbs.  Then we have little choice and we are not always happy and content with the left overs either.  Therefore, I suggest that this week you look at your life and really put in an order for happiness, and for what you want and believe that you will get it.

Patience is the key word.  Just because we order it, it doesn’t mean it arrives on the spot.  Mostly, fast food will arrive on the spot, but fine cuisine takes time.  Therefore, be patient.  Life is cooking a good meal for you, just make sure that you are there when it arrives!

It’s Time…   to be careful what you order from the Amazon of Life… because you will surely get it!







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2 Responses to “Book Your Life… Place Your Order in Advance”

  • Furaha Youngblood

    This is a response to the January 22, 2020 article, “Book Your Life….Place Your Order in Advance.” At the mention of Donald Trump as an example of a successful businessman, I was tempted to unsubscribe to this blog. Trump is a proven liar, thief, conman and racist. He has been diagnosed as a sociopathic narcissist by reputable, respected psychiatrists.
    I have enjoyed past articles, but this one is a great disappointment. There are far better examples of successful businesspeople whose morality, integrity, and adherence to fair play are unquestioned.

    • Hello Furaha,

      Greetings of Peace… and apologies for the delayed response.

      Very often the people who get what they want are those who believe
      they deserve it. They do not entertain any thoughts of waste or worry.
      They do not create thoughts that are in contradiction to their aim.

      Mmmmm…. For sure no one wants to be like Trump, but he is just applying the law of attraction —
      that was the point we were trying to get across.

      Yes, it is true that Trump is not the most perfect example in the world and is extremely
      controversial. But he is current in the media and in our consciousness, and he is sort
      of ‘out there and in our face’, whether we want to notice him or not.

      He was certainly not used as an example to be emulated, but more for an understanding
      of how the law of attraction works if applied consistently. That law is totally impartial
      and dispassionate about the moral or ethical standards of any soul that applies the
      principles. That if you are focused and single minded enough it is possible to achieve
      many things in life that we might otherwise have thought was impossible.
      Perhaps i failed in getting all that across.

      Think at the end of the day even Donald Trump was surprised that he had won the
      presidency!! But we know that the law of attraction and energy works on a vibrational
      level. Trump did not seem to allow any negativity to distract or detract his mind which
      was the point of his ‘success’, in the application of the law. In no way was the article
      meant to condone any of his behaviour.

      In terms of his character he is probably someone you would not choose to follow as he
      is a total self-promoter. So he can serve as an example of someone you would not want
      to be like in character, but in terms of his degree of self-belief, which for him seems to
      border on super egocentric, his success lies in this and for that perhaps we have to give
      him his due.

      Thank You for writing and… and for not unsubscribing.

      Let’s grow together.

      Much divine love

      Om Shanti


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