Virtues Give Us Happiness

Virtues Give Us Happiness

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Every time we exercise one of the vices, then we breathe new life into them.  We then just end up becoming unhappy.  And every time we express some virtue, we simply become… well… happy.  How easy and simple this formula is, if only we would follow it all the time… for our own happiness and for happiness in our relationships.

If we looked deeply into our soul, every time we got angry with others we would know that we were merely hurting our self. Why?  Because we are mad at ourselves for not being able to restrain our reactive mind, to stop those old habits of thought and behaviour and keep them in check.  Actually we are more dis-appointed in our own self for not having the power to control our own emotions, these stop us from being able to help, co-operate and accommodate people or situations.  Our ego mind-set will keep us trapped by thoughts of separation and blaming other people.

We can make our mind free when we realize that the other person simply becomes a trigger.  They are there to show us that we have that defect within our self… but the defect is in us, not the other person.  Even if the other person has a similar trait in them, our duty is to change our self not the other person.  Remember that souls simply become a mirror for us.  So if we want only goodness, kindness and love to be reflected back to us then we have to start putting those same virtues out into the universe.


When I have ego I am not just hurting myself, but other souls too, because I will lack honesty in my relationships. It means that I have moved away from my true essence, I will not be in my true self-respect.  I have to realize where I am losing my honour and wasting my time and energy chasing after false respect.

Check yourself:  Where I am feeling hurt when others don’t give me that respect?  Who needs this respect? Is this coming from ego?  The ego will always be wanting respect from others, but when we are in our true self-respect, we could call it soul-respect, then we are not dependent on getting respect from other people.  When we truly know ourselves at a deep level, then other people’s opinions will be just that – ‘their opinion’ and there are billions of them out there, one for every soul on this planet!

When I have greed, my soul is empty and hungry and so I am chasing after more… When I see other people having things that I don’t have, I feel upset.  Watch out!  That is jealousy creeping in.

When I have attachment, I feel hurt because I feel I cannot do without the other person, or thing.  This hurt gives birth to fear and insecurity.

When I am lusting after things, again I am feeling sorry for myself when I feel deprived.  Be careful because then a kind of self-pity takes hold of my mind.

I get hurt when my needs do not get fulfilled. This is hurting the self as I feel only the other can love me and appreciate me.  If I continue with this pattern of thought I will come to believe that ‘I am a victim’… of pretty well everything.

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There was an interesting university study in which students were asked to spend 20 dollars.  Half the group were told to spend the money on themselves, and the other half were told to spend it on others.  Guess which people felt happier?  The ones who spent the money on others were far happier than those who spent it on themselves.

What does that tell us?  That being kind really empowers us… because kindness, love and generosity are part of our innate nature.  These are some of the core qualities of the soul, they are at the heart of our nature and when we express these virtues we feel that we are in alignment with our true being.  We come to see happiness, love and kindness reflected back to us.

The law of karma, law of attraction or law of energy, whatever you want to call it, operates in the field of vibrational energy.  We have to become more thoughtful about what we are putting out into the universe.  If we want to be happy we have to learn to sow the seeds of happiness in our life.  So, always check your intentions before coming into thought, words and action.

It’s Time…  to realize that it is time to retire the vices.  The more we practice our virtues the more we will be happy.

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