Intro to Audio Stories – The Three Backpacks

Dear All,

Greetings of Peace and Love,

As a new initiative, and to help further reflection, I have been recording a story per day since the start of the month of Ramadan and sending them out to my WhatsApp groups daily.  I decided to put them on this blog too for everyone to enjoy!

Below is todays story in text and audio.  You may listen to the others by clicking here.

Wishing everyone joy and success in your endeavours.

Stay Blessed!



The Three Backpacks


Three boys decided to climb up a mountain together.  They were advised to carry only light backpacks so they could make the journey to the top easily.

The first one followed all the rules of the trek and packed only a few light things and his backpack was very light.

The other two wanted a few of their comfort items and packed many things. And so of course their backpacks were very heavy.

They began walking and very soon one of the boys with the heavy pack said that he couldn’t walk any further.  But the one with the light pack insisted that they walk together and get to the top as they had promised each other.  He offered to carry the backpack for him for a while. This not only slowed him down considerably, but made the other (who now didn’t have a back pack) impatient… and he began running ahead.

The second with the heavy backpack said, “I can’t keep up with him!  I have to stop.”  Again the one with the light backpack encouraged him and said, “No, we have to go together.  We have to get to the top together as we have agreed to do so.”  After some yes, no’s, yes, no’s, the one with the light backpack offered to carry his backpack for him.

Now he had not only his back pack but also that of the other two.  This slowed him down considerably.  The other two went racing ahead… and very soon they had reached the top of the mountain and were rejoicing in victory.

Unfortunately, the one with the light backpack had collapsed due to the weight and never got to see the top!

Moral of the story:
Don’t take the karmic load of others otherwise you will die with their karmic burdens and not have time to settle your own before you die. It is good to be nice and kind, but then it has to be balanced with wisdom and self-respect.




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