The Power of Virtues

The Power of Virtues

We greatly underestimate the power of our virtues.  In fact virtues are a form of spiritual wealth that we often neglect and fail to nurture.  When we do not invest in our own ‘self’, then we find that our inner powers of the soul become depleted.  Once we are depleted then we find it a struggle to face the challenges of life with all those twists and turns that present themselves to us.  This is when tiredness, irritation, anger, poor decision making, confusion, depression and a whole lot more that could go on the list, just seem to cloud our path.

What would help us to be able to cope better with these challenges?  Yes, you guessed it.  We need to power up our virtues.  Ultimately, they will provide us with inner power and resilience.  Meditation and moments for reflective time-out will help us re-boot the power in our virtues.  Spiritual knowledge and virtues are the tools that will help us to tackle life.

Here are some of those powerful virtues that form an integral part of the soul.

Spiritual Courage
Courage is normally classified as strength in the face of grief, pain or maybe some adverse situation or person.  Spiritual courage is non-aggressive; the form is sensitive, and has a kind of a gentleness that urges us on.  Courage is an inner strength that comes from deep within the soul.  When we act from a place of spirituality we do so peacefully and calmly.  Courage means to act beyond fear, and courage means to put our heart into it.  Here we are defining love not as an emotional state, but a position of power.  True love is a power and sometimes we can see quite literally that love can move those immovable obstacles on our path.  Here too, we put all our spiritual heart into what we do. Love and courage work together.

Spiritual Love
The answer is still and always, one of love. But what kind of love?  Spiritual love does not smother or choke.  It does not possess or hinder.  Spiritual love frees both parties; liberating each of them.  Real love means detachment, to be balanced enough to allow others to be free, whilst staying in our own power and to be emotionally balanced.  When we love we normally expect something in return, but spiritual love means we act without expectations.  Such actions come from a place of spiritual love, and one gives love freely without wanting anything in return.  Spiritual love is unconditional.  That means that there are no hidden calculations nor a running account for what is given.

Spiritual Patience
Patience can sometimes be seen in a negative way to imply that we are weak, passive, submissive, or idle whilst waiting.  But contrary to this, spiritual patience means to persevere and to be determined, to have an inner resilience. It does not mean to be waiting forever, but with a subtle calmness we take the initiative at the right moment.

Spiritual Kindness
Kindness means more than to just be kind. But did you know that spiritual kindness means not only to be kind, but to know when to stop being kind.  We need to be able to keep a balance and to draw a line. If we continue to be too kind, then that is neither healthy for us or the other party.  So, just as a mother loves her child, she also has to exercise discipline together with love.  Only then is it truly love. To have a love that keeps smothering without boundaries means to spoil the child and that is not good for anyone.  It is not good for the child, the mother or for any society in the long run.

Spiritual Truth
It’s not just the truth, but the spiritual truth is the whole truth.  This is a truth founded on spiritual principles.  So, the truth is that: “I am in this body, but I am not only the body.  I am the living light, the resident within the body.”  Without the life-force, the energy of the being of light, the body could not function.  The soul, ruh, atma is the power that keeps this body alive.  In the same way, we can see that there is a drama going on around us, with many different actors and many different scenes. But, beyond that drama there is another totally different drama.

Spiritual Purity
Normally purity means to be clean hearted and with no iota of bad or negative feeling.  But spiritual purity means to look even beyond impurity, to see beyond any of the negativity which is presenting itself to us.  To be able to see beyond what is facing us and to see the original innocence of the soul, now that is a high stage.  To be just like a child who has that aura of purity, which slowly over time is lost.  We have to become a master over our own inner sense of impurity.  This is only possible when we re-connect with that pure original essence of being of the soul.

Spiritual Contentment
Spiritual contentment, this does not mean to be complacent or lazy.  But it means to not be content with where we are at, but to have a desire to grow and to learn.  To continue to have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom and to develop more spiritual insights.  Really we want to know our ‘self’ as we truly are more deeply.

Spiritual knowledge and the practice of meditation means that we take those quiet moments for reflection when we can, because we know that they will help us to re-connect and re-empower our spiritual virtues.

It’s Time…  to become full, not only of virtues and powers, but spiritual virtues and powers.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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  • Renu Gupta

    Spiritual contentment means desire to know more and grow !

    so not to be content with what you are ?


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