Being Carefree

Being Carefree

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

There is a beautiful Indian expression “sach to bitho nach”. Which means the soul who has truth, (speaks truth), dances.  Hence, there is a strong correlation between truth and being happy and carefree.  The one who has nothing to hide is free to express any emotion.  The one who has a guilty conscience is apprehensive.

It is indeed an art to be carefree when one has a huge responsibility on one’s shoulders.  We usually become carefree when we have set things in motion or put things in place; when we have organized everything and everyone.  Literally when we have done as much prep as is possible.  However, the spiritual path demands that we be carefree even before we embark on any undertaking.

This is true for short term schemes as well as long term goals.  For example, there is no manual on parenting.  However once the children become adults, and we feel we have guided our kids through life and education as best as we could, we have to let go.  After that we have to allow them to move forwards on their journey and let their own destiny open up.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

We may do our best, in all our endeavors, but then the rest depends on karma (our soul accounts with people and places), and drama (the unfolding of events in terms of time and place).  In fact we always need to be mindful, that no matter how long we may spend on getting something right, whatever is meant to be will happen.  It is no fault of ours.  It is what is meant to be.  Being carefree does not mean to be careless, but to remain caring, and a carefree nature helps us in moving forward or getting over disappointments in life.

In the English language there is a saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” And that’s exactly my point.  Lately I am learning to be prepared for the “fallout”, rather than try and perfect every moment.  We should not lose optimism; this is not a pessimistic view, it’s a realistic one.  As I have explained, what has to happen will happen, that is drama.  Plus, we cannot dictate or control other people’s actions.  We can only manage our own thoughts, words, actions and responses in situations.  So, try this strategy moving forward in your life.

This example may help.  We do not know what daily challenges may come our way, or what sickness we may be prone to, but if we build up our muscles and our immunity then no matter what comes, we are prepared.  We are not trying to stop every fire, but taking preventive measures…  this is a wise move to reduce the damage that may occur.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

OK let’s do some exercises… what is the solution to these questions?

How to remain carefree if I have a lot of work to do?

Here, attitude is key.  When you do whatever is needed with a good intention, then just maintain the thought that, “I complete whatever is necessary”.  When you practice meditation and silence then you stop the wastage and worry of the mind, this way you can stay effective.  Always create the thought that, “I have enough time for what I need to do.”   Do not think you are short of time.


How to deal with awkward situations and people?

When you know a challenge is ahead, then put in the time and effort to create a stable stage for yourself before meeting those situations or people. Say to yourself, “I have the soul power to deal with this.”  Find your own mental stability before that meeting.


How to remain carefree if I have an interview?

If this job is for you, then you will receive this job, but if this job does not allow you to remain happy and secure, then understand that God and the Universe has a greater plan for you. Have the conscious awareness that, “I will do my best at the interview.”


How to remain carefree if I have a conflict to resolve?

Remember that your nature is peace, and understand that any test that comes in front of you is simply a lesson and learning, it is part of growth for you. Awareness: “This test (which is a lesson in disguise) has come to teach me something about myself”.


How to remain carefree if I have to give a public talk? 

If you prepare and do the research needed for the talk, try and do some practice runs, then you just have to remain calm and give your best shot at the talk.  You know that there will always be room for improvement, and when you see this as an opportunity for practice, then you will not worry. Awareness: “I share from my heart and I will say what I need to say.”


How to remain calm when facing those people that trigger me?

Firstly, you need to know that, ‘I have a choice in what and how to think.’  They are triggering something in me for a reason, let me look at that.  If it’s painful, sit with it and you will pass through it, and then it becomes a paper tiger. Nothing is ever as big as it seems or as important as it looks.  The more introspective you become, you become aware of who and what is triggering your old patterns.  Practice taking time out in meditation to reinforce this thought: “I am in charge of my own thoughts. I hold the remote to my own thoughts. I will decide what to think.”

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Let us do a little self-checking to see how balanced and stable we are.  Let us ask ourselves:

To what extent am I carefree?

How would I know I am carefree?

Formula: When I am truthful … then I am powerful … then I am happy … and then I have a carefree stage.

Therefore, we can conclude that truth is synonymous with cheerfulness, bliss, joy, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, elation, enthusiasm and much more. When we don’t get what we want, we lose our happiness, then we forget that we are the ones who are losing our own power.  Sorrow makes us lose our power. Don’t be hard on yourself. Remember that we are all a “work in progress.”

It’s Time… to practice being carefree and free of cares when we act from a place of self-awareness and responsibility.


PS/ I have chosen animals as the art theme as there is a lot to learn from them about being carefree.

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK 

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