Some of the Things I Am Grateful For in Life

Some of the Things I Am Grateful For in Life

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“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

 Willie Nelson

I am grateful for the sun and for the light and warmth the sun provides.  If there is no sun, I am grateful for the clouds that give us rain and enable us to grow our food.

I am grateful for the patch of grass in front of my house or behind it.  If there is no grass, then I am grateful for the lonesome tree.  If there is no tree, I am grateful for the cement paving that helps me walk with ease so that I won’t sprain my ankle on uneven ground.

I am grateful to the animal kingdom; for the crows that crow, the birds that sing, the dogs that bark, the cats that meow … everything shows me how to enjoy life in a variety of ways.  The animals express their feelings in the ways they know … and I? How do I want to express myself?  If animals were to sit and contemplate us humans, what is the sound that they would hear?

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I am grateful for all the food on my plate.  If there is no food… then Wow!  It’s a great time to fast and slow down the system, to allow my body to rest and heal … and if there is no food for a few days, then a chance to break the record and enter the Guinness Book of Records!

If there is food, but not the food I like, then I can stop being a fusspot and appreciate what I do have.  I can be grateful for what I receive, at least I am receiving.  There are many that will die of hunger today … spare a thought and prayer for them.  Living is more important than getting the food I like.

“Gratitude is the intention to count your blessings every day, every minute, while avoiding, whenever possible, the belief that you need or deserve different circumstances.”

Timothy Miller

I am grateful for my parents who did their very best in parenting my siblings and me, even without a parenting manual!  Parenting is like entering unknown territory, it is an experiment for every parent and they are always wiser after the event … not during it!  

If we have no parents then let’s be grateful that life is teaching us to stand on our own two feet.  To be independent emotionally and financially, and to live life on our own terms.  We are getting a lesson in maturity.

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I am grateful for my good health.  Let me look at every limb and thank it for working for me, love that the eyes, ears, arms and legs are working … perhaps not optimally but working … and if they are not, then there is a lesson to learn.  If I am in a wheelchair, it’s to slow me down, to take life in the slow lane … it’s not a handicap, it’s to enjoy the roses and get a different view of life.  Those who walk through life slowly ‘see’ more and appreciate more, they have time to stop and appreciate all the wonders that Nature provides.

I am grateful for all the financial power available to me, it gives me freedom and choice.  To be able to buy things to make my life easier.  If there is not enough money, then that’s great too because that stretches the mind and intellect to become more creative and resourceful.  Sometimes we call this being ‘streetwise’.   The more we stretch the right brain the longer we live.  So, we may live longer as a poor person, what is more important money or life?

“The more we express our gratitude to God for our blessings, the more He will bring to our mind other blessings. The more we are aware of to be grateful for, the happier we become.”

Ezra Taft Benson

I am grateful that I can sing and dance, that I can experience the gift of movement.  I am grateful that I can walk, talk and that I can understand and speak a language and I have the ability to communicate.  I can count, I can laugh and my face has muscles that enable me to smile!!

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I am grateful I have clothes on my back. I have friends and family.  I am free to travel, I am independent and my mind is my own. I have freedom. I am free.

I want to point out that it is good to appreciate the smallest things in life. We tend to appreciate something once it has been lost.  Now is the time to appreciate all the good things in life.  Things do not need to be big for us to be grateful.  Truly it is a case of us learning to count our blessings.  


As we appreciate, we stay positive.  As we stay positive, we remain masters of our life.  

“The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.”

William Penn

It’s Time … to remember life is not conspiring against you … it is life conspiring for you.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK 


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Herdis Jonasdottir

Just beautiful and inspiring, to be able to see that there ís always something magical that happens within when you experience something to be grateful for, and it really transform the ways you begin to see the world around you, no matter what the circumstances or the attitude of others are. Thank you


Fantastic Power of Gratitude explained so well.