Reformatting the Sub-Conscious Mind

Reformatting the Sub-Conscious Mind


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Sometimes when we are confused we may use the expression: “I am of two minds…”  What does that really mean?  We only have one mind, but we do have different levels of consciousness, or we could call this different ‘states of awareness’.

At the conscious level we are absorbing information all the time.  Then just below the surface level we have our sub-conscious mind, and at the level below that we have the unconscious.  At least at the sub-conscious level there is some degree of awareness.  Sometimes we may find ourselves in mid-action, and only then do we check to see that we have been running on autopilot!  Whether that is in the middle of brushing our teeth, or combing our hair, in that moment at least we become aware of performing these actions.

We are not just driven by the conscious mind, but by our sub-conscious mind too.  As we go to sleep at night our sub-conscious mind plays out everything, all the thoughts and actions of the day, everything that it could not ‘play’ during the day.  Hence, we dream of things that we were thinking, desired or day dreamed about earlier in the day.  The sub-conscious mind often dictates many things that we think we are not in control of…  But, hang on a minute, isn’t the sub-conscious mind a part of me too?  So, am I not in charge of my own mind?  What is happening within this split of my consciousness

…the sub-conscious mind is running on the record
that was taped in our early formative years…

Well, needless to say, the sub-conscious mind is running on the record that was taped in our early formative years, plus everything else that it has gathered along the way.  If it is positive, well and good, and if it is not, then the person suffers for the rest of their life. It can be like something simmering on the back burner of the stove, it can literally be smelling up the whole house. Unless of course we realize that we have to change those habits and begin to make those changes now, during this lifetime.

The best time to speak to the sub-conscious mind is when we are falling asleep.   This is where a deep state of meditation can help as these states have similar vibrations. This is known as the THETA state.  In sleep, we are not fully conscious, i.e. the conscious mind is not working, at that time the sub-conscious has taken over. In meditation, we are also able to transcend the conscious mind, but this has to be in a deep advanced state of meditation, almost to the point where it feels as though we are ‘thoughtless’.  But, actually we can never be ‘thoughtless’, but we can create one thought, and we can ride along with that thought for some time.

The theta state forms part of the first seven years of a child’s life, where the child learns to take in information, form habits and patterns, both thought and action.  These seven years will become the bedrock of their life. They will become the foundation of their life in terms of belief in the self or lack of it, self-respect or none, self-confidence or self-doubt, the possession of willpower or none, to be willing or unwilling, attitude formation etc.

Firstly, you need to be clear about what it is you
want to change within yourself.

Secondly, generate positive affirmations…

Thirdly, repeat these affirmations to yourself. 

That’s why it is so important to reinforce positive statements and allow the sub-conscious mind to ‘hear’ and take them in, especially at a time when the conscious mind is not doing overtime!  Hypnosis is also another method where we can change deep rooted habits.  But I would suggest trying the former methods first, because if you can consciously change your own mind, then the power and the self-confidence will be in your own hands.

Firstly, you need to be clear about what it is you want to change within yourself. Figure out what is not working and the habits that need some attention.  If you can get this far, then you will be ahead of the game!  Many don’t even come to realize what it is that needs to change, which ultimately comes down to something in your own personality, and this is often the cause of the problem.

Secondly, generate positive affirmations/statements of what you would like to see more of in your life.  If you get this far, you are almost there!

Thirdly, repeat these affirmations to yourself.  Over and over again, until they become a practiced habit.  Just as when you learned to drive a car, you were conscious at first, but now you don’t even know when you pull the gears and press down on the gas!  You can be talking and sipping tea and chatting away whilst driving!  That’s how unconscious driving becomes.

In this way, we need to make the unconscious healthy and positive.  We need to awaken the conscious ‘self’ to see what the unconscious is saying. The unconscious is where all our acquired beliefs and limitations are held in one large form of data storage.  The unconscious is that powerful inner voice which exists at a deeper level and influences the sub-conscious.

From the spiritual perspective we can say that there is a fundamental spiritual programme that exists, based on the core innate virtues of the soul like love, compassion, peace, wisdom and humility etc.  We could say that this is the original programme of the soul, this should be our automatic programme.  But the programme has become infected by the virus of sadness, depression, anger and violence, and over a period of time the programme has become distorted and dysfunctional and therefore no longer operates from its place of full and complete purity.

We may have temporarily ‘lost’ our mind in the creation of our thoughts, feelings and actions, but meditation and taking moments out during the day for silence and quiet reflection puts us back in the driver’s seat.  Back into a position of power over our own mind.  As we become more in control of our re-actions, and by making more conscious choices, then we begin to regain the inner peace and power to make positive lasting changes in our own life.

Above are some commentaries to help you re-program your sub-conscious mind.  This is where you are making mindful and conscious choices.  Now, in this present moment, is where your power lies to be able to make some permanent changes.

It’s Time… to become… unconscious of the conscious!


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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