Change Your Destiny

Change Your Destiny

Guided Meditation Commentary – Abundance Consciousness



Can we change anything in our lives?  Can we change our destiny?

Yes.  By degrees.  How is it possible?  It is a question of our attitude and perceptions, these determine how we will experience life.  Our attitude and our perceptions will totally colour our vision, and how we process information and finally make choices.

When our outlook on life is a positive one, then we will have faith in this statement: ‘Everything is always working out for me…’

There is nothing better than having a positive attitude in life.  The more we think positive the more we attract positive things into our life.  The more we think:  ‘I can’, then ‘I really will’.  The more we think ‘it is possible’, the more it will become possible.  We are the ones who have the power to turn our own fate around.  If not us, then who?


There is a story of a great Japanese warrior who was called Nobunaga.  He decided to attack his enemy, even though he only had one tenth of the number of men than the opposing army. But he knew that he would win, and he also knew that his soldiers would be doubtful about his choice of action.

On the way to the battle he stopped at a Shinto shrine, and he told his men: “After I visit the shrine, I will toss a coin.  If it lands heads up, we will win; if it is tails, we will lose.  Destiny holds us in her hand.” 

Nobunaga entered the shine and offered a silent prayer.  He came out and tossed a coin.  The coin fell and the head appeared.  His soldiers became so eager to fight that they won the battle easily.

His attendant said after the battle. “No one can change the hand of destiny.”

“Indeed not.” said Nobunaga.  Then he showed a coin with a double head.  There was a head on both sides!

So, who was in charge of destiny?  Destiny itself, or Nobunaga?

Why is that we like to go to a fortune teller to learn about our future?  Because we want certainty in life. Yes, things are written for us as our fate, but we can also override some of those outcomes if we so choose. With our inner power and will, we can make better choices to change the path of destiny.   Do nothing, and our fate will be like that which is predicted.

Now with social media, there is so much proof of how people have created good working lives for themselves, which are both creative and entertaining.  This is especially noticeable when we see souls who are physically challenged in some way. When we change our perceptions we can go beyond the physical limitations that we see.  Just because the body is not always fully functional, it does not follow that the mind is disabled also.  Actually at that time we are the ones suffering with the disability in our attitude and perception.

A perfect case would be that of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking.  His costume was not 100%, but his mind was certainly super phenomenal!  Here Stephen did not succumb to the limitations of his body, he chose not to entrap his mind with a limited perception of himself.  So, we can see that we can truly change our fate to some degree.  We do not always need to be stuck with the fate we are born with.  There is popular phrase that captures this idea very well.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

As I practice loving kindness towards myself and others, I am re-enforcing the fact that I deserve to receive good things.  That I am worthy to look after them and take advantage of them.  So, a big factor in being able to receive is to feel that I deserve it and I am worth it.  If not me, then who?  This needs to be the attitude. It’s not arrogance, it is a matter of self-respect.

Whatever thought I create; I am able to manifest it easily.  In fact, I just have to think and ‘it’ happens easily.  I do not need to repeat it many times.  If I am doing that, then obviously I am pushing the drama, and anything forced does not last.  It will work for a short time, but then abruptly comes to a halt as soon as I stop pushing.

Whether it is money, relationships or business, there can be success and only success.  But we are going to have to be the one who stays positive!  No one can do this job for us, no matter how much we pay our coach or counsellor. Because the biggest thing is belief.  We are the one who believe in it, not our coach.  We are the one holding the vision and can see it happening in our mind’s eye.  We are going to be the one who will reap the benefits.

With this attitude, we are not only thinking of our self, but even our thoughts for others will come true for them.  We cannot be at peace and in happiness if our neighbours are not.  So, we wish for all those around our orbit to be in good health, wealth and happiness.  Our good wishes that flow their way will help to manifest that for them also.  The Universe operates a system of automatic return.  Whatever we give out, will inevitably come back to us, positive or negative.  This is the pattern of the law of energy.

So repeat these words to yourself everyday…  Everything is working out for me…  Always…  I have abundance and flow in my life… I am surrounded by loving and kind people… Everything comes to me easily and naturally…  The Universe is working for my highest good.

It’s Time… to realize that, “Everything is always working out for me…”

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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4 Responses to “Change Your Destiny”

  • Yes , pain is inevitable but suffering is optional is so true !

  • Kemin

    Hi Aruna,

    Recently, I was discussing about the predestined drama and the reason to continue making efforts. I explained that I make effort because I won’t know what’s in the drama until the thing really has happened; and I make effort because also I do not want to have any regret for things that did not happen in my way.

    What would be your explanation? Which of your blogs deals with this particular topic?

    Many thanks.


    • Hello Kemin
      this is advanced raja yoga knowledge and best discussed in person at a local meditation centre

      Om Shanti
      Best wishes


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