Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue


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We want it, and we want it now!  What? Almost everything. We have arrived at a point where our patience has worn so thin that it’s almost non-existent. We have no time to wait… after all time is money!

Imagine how much agony, how many conflicts and countless heartbreaks we would save by just being a tad patient at times.  We all think we are patient, that is, until we are put to the test.

If patience is a virtue then hastiness is a vice.  How many times have we said or done something in haste which we only lived to regret?  If we had just taken a moment, a brief pause, a second to contemplate the consequence of our actions – then perhaps the damage may not have been done!

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Haste begins in the mind, before anywhere else.  The more quickly we allow our mind to be filled with thoughts then the more we are prone to act fast and create blunders – more haste only creates less speed and ultimately wastes time. Yet, slow thinking does not suggest sluggishness; on the contrary. With slower and more controlled thinking, we are able to decide more quickly and with confidence.

Patience has been defined as the level of endurance before negativity kicks in. So what is that level for you? Is it a minute, an hour or years? It is certainly a question that is worth asking of ourselves. So is there a point at which one could say one has enough patience?

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But what if we decided, not to endure, but to have the power to adjust to or accommodate the situation instead? To let go of waste thoughts and not to allow the event, or the person, to get to us? This is called spiritual tolerance power.

There are some simple tests you can perform to check the quality of your patience. How about the load time for a website? Is 10 seconds the limit of your endurance power, before you give up and try something else? Or, what about the cashier behind the supermarket till, or the ticket seller in the cinema? How many of us get irritated that they are not working as fast as you think they should? These are simple things, with ordinary people in everyday places. If we can’t exercise patience in these situations, then how will we manage patience in our intricate karma with friends and relatives?


How many times have we compromised our needs, wants or standards just to have what we want here and now? After all, who has seen tomorrow, right? We might as well have what we can see and feel today, rather than wait for the unknown tomorrow.

Patience is truly a virtue. When practiced, (with patience!), you can see life’s events unfolding in front of you in a very unique way without interruption or disruption. Perhaps in a way that you would never have dreamt or imagined had you intervened? Patience is also a power. Patience is not for the weak. It takes strength to live by one’s values when the world around you is trying it’s best to send you in another direction. This virtue keeps us calm and cool, and not in hasty passion.

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Patience is an understanding, knowing that everything happens at its own time. We don’t want for the seed to ripen into fruit overnight… that will deny us the pleasure of the steady growth to maturity, the green leaves, and the beautiful flowers.

And what’s more, when we let go of the longing, the wanting and the feeling of not yet having what we want… that is when what we want is most likely to come to us!

It’s time… to be patient, one moment at a time.

© It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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