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Hello Dear Readers, 

This week I thought to share with you some interesting tidbits to help you keep up your enthusiasm for life!

Enjoy!  And remember to keep shining that LIGHT of yours!




Galileo in the 15th century, discovered that any object falling to earth, fall at the same rate of time . He mentioned that a cannonball and a feather, if dropped from the same height will touch the ground at the same time provided there is no air resistance. He had difficulty explaining it for quite a long time. 4 centuries later with the current technology it has been experimentally proven. It’s a super visual treat to watch the video! Absolutely Amazing!











By Rashmi Trivedi
Author of *Woman everything will be fine!*

Sometimes in the dark of the night
I visit my conscience
To see if  it is still breathing
For its dying a slow death
Every day.

When I pay for a meal in a fancy place
An amount which is perhaps the monthly income
Of the guard who holds the door open
And quickly I shrug away that thought
It dies a little

When I buy vegetables from the vendor
And his son “chhotu” smilingly weighs the potatoes
Chhotu, a small child, who should be studying at school
I look the other way
It dies a little.

When I am decked up in a designer dress
A dress that cost a bomb
And I see a woman at the crossing
In tatters,trying unsuccessfully to save her dignity
And I immediately  roll up my window
It dies a little

When at Christmas I buy expensive gifts for my children
On return,  I see half clad children
With empty stomach and hungry eyes
Selling Santa caps at red light
I try to salve my conscience by buying some, yet
It dies a little

When my sick  maid sends her daughter to work
Making her bunk school
I know I should tell her to go back
But I look at the loaded sink and dirty dishes
And I tell myself that is just for a couple of days
It dies a little

When I give my son the freedom
To come home late from a party
And yet when my daughter asks
I tell her it is not safe
I raise my voice when she questions why
It dies a little

When I hear about a rape
or a murder of a child,
I feel sad, yet a little thankful that it’s not my child
I can not  look at myself  in the mirror
It dies a little

When people fight over caste creed and religion
I feel hurt and helpless
I tell  myself that my country is going to the dogs
I blame the corrupt politicians
Absolving myself of all responsibilities
It dies a little

When my city is choked
Breathing is dangerous  in the smog ridden Delhi
I take my car to work daily
Not taking  the metro,not trying car pool
One car won’t make a difference, I think
It dies a little

So when in the dark of the night
I visit my conscience
And find it still breathing
I am surprised
For, with my own hands
Daily, bit by bit, I bury it.


Om Shanti 


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2 Responses to “Interesting TidBits”

  • Purnima Bhanderi

    Dear Sister Arunabehn ,

    As it’s now coming to the end of the year I would like to thank you for all wonderful inspiring messages which really helped me a lot.

    You are a true God’s Angel for us😇 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇……..

    Love you sister from the bottom of my ❤️

    • Thank You So Much and sorry for the delay in responding… there was alot of travel!
      Om Shanti


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