Is it the Right Decision?

Is it the Right Decision?

People get to a ripe old age and then wonder why they have ended up in the situation they are in.  Some are desperate for money, some desperate for love, some for respect, the list is endless.  What we don’t realise is that we have made decisions at many points in our lives, and some of those were not in our own best interests.

Every decision we take right now, affects the next and the one after that.  It is like the story of my brother in law who took a wrong turning on the motorway, and thereafter it was another wrong turn, and then another and another, and he reached home three hours late!

And interestingly, it’s mostly always a decision of a second that can have a lifelong affect.  For example, marrying the wrong person or talking back to your boss and suffering the consequences, or walking away from a golden opportunity.

Our futures don’t just get created along the way.  It’s important to recognize and acknowledge that my every moment NOW, is creating my future to come. It is created with every word I speak, the tone that I speak it, with a gesture of love, or lack of it, with compassion or otherwise. Each second can be a pivotal point in my life, it can win me friends or push them away, I can earn something or I can lose something. So, it is very important to be mindful of our every decision, and not just create by default, or by knee-jerk responses.


We often blame others for where we feel we are at, such as that person doesn’t give me any respect or attention. Rather I need to ask, what should I do to win their love and respect?  Take the matter into your own hands.  Take charge of your life and not leave it to others to treat you a certain way.  Karma states if you give, you get back.  It’s a fact, a law of life.  You cannot be genuinely loving, and for it not to be reciprocated at some point.

No matter what your age, or whatever are the circumstances of your life: BEGIN NOW to perform the actions that will take your life in a positive and beneficial direction.  Don’t think it’s too late, or you are too set in your ways to change.  We can change now!  We can improve.  We can shine.  We can start to give back.  Begin to take the right decisions now.  This will set into motion the wheels of kindness and compassion which will give back to you multifold.

A good deed is never forgotten.  The other day a lady told me that the first time I met her, I gave her the biggest hug she had ever had in her life.  I had no clue about how big it was and what it meant to her!  I just hugged and welcomed.  But obviously it meant a lot to her.  The point is, continue to be good and do good and whatever others are meant to feel, they will feel it.  They will return it with blessings.  And we could all use a bit more of that in our lives.


If you are caught between two decisions and you are not sure which to take, then step back for a moment, be in silence and be still, and the answer will come to you.  Just listen to your heart. We already know what the right thing to do is, but we get into imagination and analysis, and our head gets in the way!  As spiritual beings, all we need to do is follow our hearts.

And finally, have no regrets!  What’s right is right, but what is wrong is also right, meaning that even if something doesn’t go the way you wanted or expected it to go, then even that is ok, there is some learning in that too.  Just keep taking responsibility for yourself, and move forward with the expectation that good will prevail.

It’s time… to take charge of your life and to sow the seeds of good deeds.  Later you can sit back and watch your beautiful “garden” of life!


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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4 Responses to “Is it the Right Decision?”

  • Hi Aruna, Decision making is one of the hardest especially when there are numerous options. I always remembered what you said to me years ago “follow your heart” and I did and since then I’ve never looked back. Many thanks for your good advice, you may not have remembered that but it certainly made an impact on me and whenever I’ve some important decision to make, I sit and listen to my heart and if I couldn’t, or haven’t, I just wait until my heart is ready to speak :))
    LOL, v

  • I congratulate you on composing this so, so, appropriate article related to ageing…..and the
    decisions we make along our individual journeys of Life.I have always believed that one of the most
    significant purposes of Education is to equip people to make the best/ most right decisions as they travel through their God given Life…small decisions…critical decisions…they so frequently impact on the quality of our own lives – and on the lives of others.I Thank God for my own Life…lived so far to the age of one month short of 76 years old.Yes, I do strongly believe in giving…and sharing…and altho’I never give with thoughts of What I can receive in return?…I invariably find that through giving, in any manner, there frequently follows,in abundance,directly or indirectly,rewards which could be tangible or intangible……or perhaps mererly the great,and private inner feeling that, in some way,perhaps invisibly, one has assisted in improving the Lives of others less fortunate.Thank You for the reminder which your article provided.

  • The article has good valid points and all True. Bhagwat Gita also says, Be careful in doing and be happy in result. Because, God shall deliver the results as per your Karma, but always wants your welfare, and hence, the results shall shall always to your favour. If good ok, if bad, learn and correct.


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