Influenced or Influencer?

Influenced or Influencer?


Today we are living in a world where we are constantly being impressed and enticed in one way or another. So we need to exercise a great deal of caution and discrimination, we need to be able to filter the real from the unreal, and even the surreal!

As soon as we step outside our door, every Ad and billboard is trying to grab our attention and influence us.  Every TV commercial is preaching how this (new) product will make our life better, happier and make us look younger!! If that was really so, then why isn’t everyone happy and looking radiantly young?  Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

From the time we pick up the morning paper to the last peek at our phones at night, our mind is captured by some influence!  Every headline or text we look at, the tones and sub-texts endure in our sub-conscious memory.  Pictures and products are thrust upon us through push marketing.  Even by our just taking a peep into other people’s lives through Facebook etc., it has an effect on our soul in some shape or form.  No one is immune!

An influence can be either negative or positive.  But every influence leaves an impression.  The meaning of the word ‘impression’ itself has evolved from simple Latin — “to press” in the 14th Century.  But is now understood to mean — “to make a permanent image.”

So, what is the point here?  We cannot simply say it was just a matter of a minute of watching this or that.  Every image, word and thought leaves a lasting impression – a ‘permanent image’ on our soul. That influence then determines how we behave – respond or react.  Suddenly we might feel grumpy or angry or elated, and we have no clue why.  But perhaps it was all those subtle influences we were quietly ingesting which created that spiritual ache in the soul.


Peer pressure can also be positive or negative.  It is said that when the tree is young it can be moulded and shaped, but once it has grown then it is difficult to bend.  This applies to the young on both accounts.  The young adult can be shaped, that is influenced by good company or spoilt by the bad.  In either case, those habits – or impressions – can stay for a lifetime.  Hence to seek out good company is a very wise thing to do, because when something is learnt it can be hard to unlearn.

The only way to change a habit is to create a new impression that is to re-write, or write over that old habit and be impressed by a better one.  But that takes time, perseverance and a good deal of attention.  Each time your thought goes to that drug or cigarette, you have to divert the thought to something better and more fulfilling.  For example, picture yourself becoming healthier, or becoming stronger and more confident.


As the gap between the haves and have nots becomes wider, there are likely to be some automatic tension and friction points.  In my opinion this is the case with Brexit at the moment. There is also a rise in comparison which gives birth to envy and dislike. This ‘evil eye’ of jealousy cannot be any good for anyone.  As souls become weak, they can only win by putting others down.  They don’t understand they have to lift themselves up!

One quote nicely put it like this: “I asked a monk:  How do you feel tall?  He just smiled and bowed.”  Wow!  What an inner power and wisdom that monk possessed.  By staying in his self-respect he towered above the questioner.

Meditation can help us maintain our self-respect, when we actively and consciously choose to take time out to ‘be.’  When we re-connect with the purest part of our self and the Divine, then we will start to see some dramatic shifts in our life.  Yes, and these will often manifest in our lives in some unplanned way.  Why?  Because we chose to live from a place of love and peace. In a way we could say that we chose to simply be influenced by goodness.  This positive outlook on life will indeed protect us from some external negative energies.  We need to surround ourselves with the powerful aura of love and light.

We have to face the challenge of both the internal and external influences.  Not just of our own mind, but of other people, society at large, the environment, the disturbance now of Nature and of course technology.


Let us not forget the tech pollution!  We are constantly under the influence of, and now with the recent appearance of 5G, it is a deadly influence that none of us can avoid.  But we can take protective measures where we can.

Below is a video link that you may like to see to get a basic understanding of 5G, what it is and how it works.  There are many videos out there on the net, but I found that this one gave a simple explanation and was easy to understand.  Please make time to look and understand the effects of 5G.

Click Here for Video: Matt Landman!!! On 5G and geoengineering!

Since tech signals are also subtle and beyond the physical, they are hard to see and hence difficult to avoid. But many experiments prove how they have had an effect on rats, children and on adults.  The video explains how a high percentage of the men who installed 5G towers developed some kind of cancer.  5G just seems to be a killer!!  Take steps to stay safe.

So, what is the answer?  Take precautions and protect yourself from all forms of negative influences.  Whether subtle or obvious.  Of course, avoidance is better than cure, but if you can’t avoid things, then protect yourself as much as you can.  Regarding 5G, there is a silver protective material that helps us against the activity of the 5G radio frequency.


Instead of being influenced, become an influencer. When the doctor goes into a village to help the plague victims, the lepers and the sick, he does so because he is knowledgeful and learned about diseases and sickness.  He does not stay away out of fear.  In fact, there is no fear, because there is no ignorance, only knowledge and wisdom.  In the same manner, let us become wise and strong and not be influenced, on the contrary let us be the ones to influence others in a way that is positive and health promoting.


It’s Time… to wake up and see what influences there are in our inner and outer worlds.  Don’t follow the herd.  Be pro-active and learn methods to protect yourself. Be a game changer… instead of the one being influenced, become the influencer.



© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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Dear Arunabehn,
I very much like the topic, because from my experience to be influenced is easy. To be influencer is not easy too. You have explained beautiful with practical examples love it. Thank you for sharing sister ????????