Have We Lost Our Mind?

Have We Lost Our Mind?

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With all the hype going on about the C virus, I thought it best to add my two cents to the subject too!  Let me begin by saying I refuse to repeat the name of the virus.

We are passing through very intense and yet interesting times.  It is a time for awakening and enlightenment.  If you want to wake up, then you will smell the roses.  But, if you choose to stay asleep, then sweet dreams to you.

There are millions of people in China who ARE NOT AFFECTED by the virus.  Why is that?  There must be a reason? So why should I think, that it will come to me?  Why are our minds gripped by so much fear?  Actually, we are suffering from a pandemic, but it is a pandemic of fear!!  What has happened to our rational thinking and self-mastery?  Has common sense completely evaporated?

The world today is what we have made of it.  We invented the powerful social media tools because we wanted the supremacy in our hands.  And we finally got it.  But what did it lead to?  A huge and uncontrollable cyberspace!  A network of messages and information, and dis-information, that is totally out of our hands.  We begin to believe everything we hear and see through social media.  Every video and piece of information leaves an impact on our minds and hearts.  We created the cage of fear and now we live in it.  But we forget that we put ourselves in that cage!

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And now the results are horrendous:

Millions of children missing out on schooling and tuition.
Millions of pounds/dollars of wasted panic buying.
In the economy there are millions of currency losses.
Hours are being lost at work.
We are starting to see job losses.
Buses, trains and planes are flying half empty.
Airlines are going bust and previously healthy companies are collapsing.
People have lost confidence in their politicians…
The health services are becoming overwhelmed by the cases coming to them.  (Both the sick and the well, who are suffering from fear more than anything else!)
Stress, worry and anxiety are all promoting ill health in the previously healthy.
Fear and pandemonium have set in, and overcome the rational mind.

All this could have been the plot for some top thriller it is so surreal! But who would have believed it?  What’s going on?  Have we lost our minds?  Can we not see the bigger picture?  The majority of people in the world are ok!  Why can we not see this knowledge and embrace some logic?

That’s why meditation and the path of spirituality is the key to inner stability.  Spirituality teaches us that we are all immortal beings.  We have always existed and always will.  We are able to strengthen our inner core through the practice of meditation on a daily basis and by using spiritual wisdom.  If death comes we know it is simply a transition, because we understand the eternal nature of the soul.  If any illness comes, we know we will have the inner strength to deal with it.

This is also why spirituality advocates doing good karma all the time.  Because you just don’t know when you will have to settle a “debt”!  So, it’s always good to have a surplus credit of good wishes and good karma.  We understand that any settlement through the mind, body and possessions needs a lot of good karma to overcome them.  This is one of the reasons that we aim to be mindfully positive.  This is why we should not give sorrow and not take sorrow, and that includes not hurting any creature on this planet.  We cannot keep inflicting pain on other sentient beings and then plead innocent when we are hurt or wounded ourselves.



Apart from taking all the health, hygiene and sanitary precautions, and there is a lot of information out there now… it is important to trust in your good karma, stay happy and go about your day.  Create positive affirmations that:  “I am well and I am safe.”  That in the world: “Everything is always working out for me”.  That you are always protected by God’s light and being filled with strength.

Live life to the fullest.  Trust in a tomorrow, but do not neglect today.  The world is becoming a dark place to live.  We would be better to create more light within us, otherwise we will be doomed to stay in the darkness.  Imprisoned in the cage created by our thoughts.  When we change our thinking the bars of our prison will simply melt away, because we were only held captive there by our own thoughts.

Stop and think. How much of this panic is engineered?  We are going to see an artificial shortage of things, simply because of panic buying.  There is enough, but if everyone is staying home, then…  Who is doing the producing, packing, delivering and selling of what will become the stockpiled items?  We have to look behind what is happening.  We need to ask ourselves:  Who is benefiting from all of this chaos and confusion?

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

Whenever there is a bug or virus, it will obviously be the sick, the elderly, the young and those already with compromised health who will be the most vulnerable.  The best thing to do is to stay calm, build up our natural immunity with proper rest, exercise and a healthy diet, stay hydrated and take extra vitamins and minerals.  A depressed immune system is quite simply a compromised immune system.  Nothing depresses the immune system more than the state of our mind.  Fear, worry and anxiety will automatically depress the natural functions of the immune system, inhibiting our own good health.

So, be careful what you are thinking!  In reference to the title of the article, it’s time to FIND our mind again!  Definitely our mind can keep us well, or make us sick.  Take all the necessary health and hygiene precautions and be sensible.  We are now experiencing a virus of fear.  Against that we all need to take precautions and build up our resilience and common sense.

It’s Time… to stop spreading the germ of fear, and it’s time to share the antidote of love and trust.

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK




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Good and timely advise for those gripped with fear but medical staff who are risking their lives looking after positive cases and cases need our prayers and Saakash !


Well said ☺


Thank you Sister Aruna to instill hope and confidence in us. Surely, Spirituality and right understanding will help create stability in our mind and soon we will start taking decisions wisely.

Jayshree Patel

I couldn’t disagree every word is so true. Everything is going mad for what reasons.
Humans are behaving outrageously and panicking for no reason and causig mayhem.

Everyone needs to stay calm and get together and help and take care of each other and look out out for who needs help and pray spread positive vibrations in the environment which will help the surrounding of this earth.

My hats off to those Medical Staff who are working 24/7 round the clock to take care for those indeed with love without any fear.

Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!