Divine Protection Meditation


Dear Friends and Family,

Om Shanti

Hope everyone is safe and well… here is a meditation to help you through these trying times… a few people had asked me if i had such a thing.  I didn’t, and so I created one.  Hope it helps.

Divine Protection Meditation (Music by Bensound.com)


In Hindi spoken by Pavitra Sangwan

(Click here to learn of music used: Meditation and Healing)



Much love and light to all,

Always stay under the canopy of God’s Light.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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Om Shanti
Thank you ????

BK Arlene

Thank you, Sr Aruna. Have been using the meditation for divine protection since March n have shared shared it with many others. Om shanti


Dear Sr Aruna,
Greetings of Peace
Thank you for the effort, This is lovely. You may want to experiment with your tone of voice a little, so that it sounds more soothing and less grating, like incorporating a bit of whisper together with a deep tone. The content is excellent and I can see you offering many more meditations on different topics which will truly make a difference because there is a healing vibration in your voice.
Good Luck and lots of Love in His remembrance.
Sr Vijay

Jayshree Patel

Thank you so much appreciated this calm meditation for surrounding environment of this world in this pandamemic times.


Om Shanti
Om Shanti
Om Shanti

Selen özdem

Dear Aruna,
This is very usefull at this yime of need. Thanks a lot.Be healty. Om shanti

Bk atlene

Thank you, Aruna, for the meditation for divine protection which I found very useful. 1 listen to the commentary everyday n have shared it with family and friends.


Love to read all the articles


Bless you for this. Much needed for all at this time.
Om Shanti ❤️????✨